Generic image processing library


1  Introduction

Milena is a programming framework for discrete mathematical morphology written in C++. It is part of the Olena project which aims at building a scientific computation platform oriented towards image processing, image recognition and artificial vision.

Milena is designed with two major goals in mind:

2  Targeted audience

This library targets several audiences:

3  Key features

Olena is:

4  Library content

4.1  Generic basic image types

Common basic image types are provided: 1-D, 2-D, 3-D images. A N-D image class is also available. These class are provided with a border in order to make them fast in algorithms using structural elements.

4.2  Morphers

Morphers are generic, composable and lightweight objects built on one or several images, that can be used as

4.3  Generic image processing algorithms

4.4  Auxiliary tools

Since Olena is intended to designer of algorithms and provider of new data structures, various generic auxiliary tools are available in the library.

5  Learn more

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