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Vaucanson Documentation


The Vaucanson Project

Vaucanson is a finite state machine manipulation platform, composed of a library and tools implemented on top of it. It benefits from the expertize we capitalized during our intensive work on high performance generic programming for Olena. On the other hand, its theoretical wellfoundness in the area of automata is ensured thanks to a collaborative work with Jacques Skarovitch, at the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST).

See also the web page of the Vaucanson project.

Purpose of this documentation

This documentation aims at being used as a reference manual for Vaucanson. Its purpose is to describe exhaustively the definitions of:

It is not a tutorial and should contain little or no example of uses of the library. A separate tutorial and source examples are available in the source code distribution.

Note: this documentation is also a work in progress. This means that while we are working our best to document every aspect of the library, the documentation is not yet complete. This also means that more structures and algorithms are available in the library than those currently documented. For an extensive listing of all the available algorithms, browse the include/vaucanson/algorithms source directory.

How to read

This documentation is separated into "chapters" each describing the library under a different point of view.

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