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Wrap calls to dumpers for various formats. More...

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namespace  vcsn
namespace  vcsn::tools


int string_to_int (const std::string &s)
 Return the decimal value of s.

Detailed Description

Wrap calls to dumpers for various formats.

This file was written quickly and somewhat dirtily by RaphaŽl Poss, and slightly cleaned by Akim Demaille. Undoubtedly, more polishing and thinking might be very useful. No doubt that such a feature (dumping to several formats) is pleasant.

: A context must be opened before using this file (it uses the automaton_t type). That's why this file is not checked for sanity.
RaphaŽl Poss <Raphael.Poss@lrde.epita.fr>

Definition in file dumper.hh.

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