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Internal functions used by the rw_composition algorithm. More...

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namespace  vcsn


template<typename SA, typename TA, typename M>
void partial_elimination (const Element< SA, TA > &a, M &state_exp_pair)
 This function computes a set of expression, after having eliminated all states which are not initial or final.
template<typename S1, typename T1, typename S2, typename T2, typename M>
void partial_evaluation (const Element< S1, T1 > &E, const Element< S2, T2 > &S, const typename Element< S2, T2 >::hstate_t &p, M &res)
 Partial evaluation of a K RatExp E over a realtime transducer S, starting from a given state p.

Detailed Description

Internal functions used by the rw_composition algorithm.

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