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A Tutorial on Well-Composedness  +
A Two-Stage Temporal-Like Fully Convolutional Network Framework for Left Ventricle Segmentation and Quantification on MR Images  +
A Type System for Weighted Automata and Rational Expressions  +
A Vectorial Self-Dual Morphological Filter based on Total Variation Minimization  +
A co-Büching Toolbox  +
A comparative study of image invariants for text / non-text classification  +
A comparison of many max-tree computation algorithms  +
A fast algorithm for auto-dual trees  +
A fast and exact algorithm for total variation minimization  +
A first step toward a fair comparison of evaluation protocols for text detection algorithms  +
A framework to dynamically manage distributed virtual environments  +
A new translation from LTL into TGBA in Spot  +
A note on nice-levelable MRFs for SAR image denoising with contrast preservation  +
A novel method to fight the non line of sight error in AOA measurements for mobile location  +
A precise skew estimation algorithm for document images using KNN clustering and Fourier transform  +
A self-adaptive likelihood function for tracking with particle filter  +
A static C++ object-oriented programming (SCOOP) paradigm mixing benefits of traditional OOP and generic programming  +
APMC 3.0: Approximate verification of Discrete and Continuous Time Markov Chains  +
About the computation of the Tree of Shapes on n-dimensional images in quasi-linear time.  +
Action recognition: how intelligent virtual environments can ease human-machine interaction  +