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Title Authors Published in Date
shi.21.itip Local Intensity Order Transformation for Robust Curvilinear Object Segmentation Tianyi Shi, Nicolas Boutry, Yongchao Xu, Thierry Géraud IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 22 March 2022
tschora.22.apen Electricity Price Forecasting on the Day-Ahead Market using Machine Learning Léonard Tschora, Erwan Pierre, Marc Plantevit, Céline Robardet Applied Energy 10 March 2022
blin.22.tpds Max-Tree Computation on GPUs Nicolas Blin, Edwin Carlinet, Florian Lemaitre, Lionel Lacassagne, Thierry Géraud IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 9 March 2022
verna.22.els ETAP: Experimental Typesetting Algorithms Platform Didier Verna 15th European Lisp Symposium 1 March 2022
casares.22.tacas Practical Applications of the Alternating Cycle Decomposition Antonio Casares, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Klara J Meyer, Florian Renkin, Salomon Sickert Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems 1 February 2022
randrianasoa.21.softx AGAT: Building and Evaluating Binary Partition Trees for Image Segmentation Jimmy Francky Randrianasoa, Camille Kurtz, Éric Desjardin, Nicolas Passat SoftwareX 17 December 2021
movn.21.bmvc Introducing the Boundary-Aware Loss for Deep Image Segmentation Minh Ôn Vũ Ngoc, Yizi Chen, Joseph Chazalon, Edwin Carlinet, Jonathan Fabrizio, Clément Mallet, Thierry Géraud, Nicolas Boutry Proceedings of the 32nd British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) 28 November 2021
boutry.21.joco Strong Euler Wellcomposedness Nicolas Boutry, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria-Jose Jimenez, Eduardo Paluzo-Hildago Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 23 November 2021
boutry.22.jmiv Continuous Well-Composedness implies Digital Well-Composedness in n-D Nicolas Boutry, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Laurent Najman, Thierry Géraud Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 9 November 2021
kheireddine.21.cp Towards better Heuristics for solving Bounded Model Checking Problems Souheib Baarrir, Anissa Kheireddine, Étienne Renault Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programmings (CP) 31 August 2021