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sainson.20.seminar Detecting Botnets Behaviors over Network Flows using Hidden Markov Models Antoine Sainson 2020
fages.20.seminar Verifying Properties on a Program Using Static Analysis and Model Checking Aymeric Fages 2020
carvalho.20.seminar Model classification in model checking using random forest Thomas De Carvalho 2020
kirszenberg.20.seminar Learning Morphological Operations Alexandre Kirszenberg 2020
esteban.20.seminar Estimation of the Noise Level Function in Multivariate Images using the Tree of Shapes and non-parametric statistics Baptiste Esteban 2020
valais.20.seminar Implementing Baker's SUBTYPEP decision procedure Leo Valais 2020
ginane.20.seminar Detecting danger in marine environment: Part 1 - Making the dataset Charles Ginane 2020
buatois.20.seminar Smart and robust segmentation of medical images using neural networks Thibault Buatois 2020
linsenmaier.20.seminar Identifying Botnets in the Network using Gaussian Mixture Models Hugo Linsenmaier 2020
rabier.20.seminar Loss functions benchmark for brain tumour segmentation Lukas Rabier 2020
alexs.huard.20.seminar U-Net for the Segmentation and Classification of brains tumors alexis.huard 2020
khoudli.19.seminar Mathematical morphology and deep convolutional neural networks Younes Khoudli 2019
tourneur.19.seminar Benchmarking of Partial Order Reduction in Spot Vincent Tourneur 2019
kirszenberg.19.seminar Integrating Mathematical Morphology within Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Alexandre Kirszenberg 2019
corno.19.seminar Using Scatter Search to find better variable ordering in BDDs Samuel Corno 2019
gillard.19.seminar Counterexample searches in Spot Clément Gillard 2019
martin.19.seminar Exploring various implementations for goroutines support in go2pins Antoine Martin 2019
esteban.19.seminar Estimation of the noise level function in natural images using the tree of shapes Baptiste Esteban 2019
huvelle.19.seminar Reimplementation of testing-automata in Spot Martin Huvelle 2019
sainson.19.seminar Modelling and Identifying Troll Farm Accounts on Twitter Antoine Sainson 2019
ginane.19.seminar Detecting danger in marine environnement Charles Ginane 2019
buatois.19.seminar Brain Tumor Segmentation with deep convolutional network approach Thibault Buatois 2019
valais.19.seminar Implementing Baker's SUBTYPEP decision procedure Leo Valais 2019
gossec.19.seminar Binding a high-performance C++ image processing library to Python Celian Gossec 2019
hacquard.19.seminar Parallelism and Indexation in Quickref Antoine Hacquard 2019
linsenmaier.19.seminar Automatic troll farm account detection on Twitter Hugo Linsenmaier 2019
remaud.19.seminar State compression in Spot Arthur Remaud 2019
guenezan.19.seminar Distributed State Space Exploration Paul Guénézan 2019
carvalho.19.seminar Artificial states generation in state spaces using kernel density estimation Thomas De Carvalho 2019
hirtz.18.seminar Optimization of an image processing library Virgile Hirtz 2018
xu.18.seminar Efficient Translation of Fairness LTL Formulae into Deterministic Automata Laurent XU 2018
kirszenberg.18.seminar go2pins: A model checking toolset for the Go programming language Alexandre Kirszenberg 2018
dangla.18.seminar Integration of histograms in the NL-Mean algorithm for image denoising. Aliona Dangla 2018
tourneur.18.seminar Implementation of Invisible and Transparent Transitions in Spot Vincent Tourneur 2018
gillard.18.seminar Two-automaton accepting run search in Spot Clément Gillard 2018
valais.18.seminar SUBTYPEP: An Implementation of Baker's Algorithm Leo Valais 2018
remaud.18.seminar Creation of an antichain library Arthur Remaud 2018
khoudli.18.seminar Automatic Heart Segmentation Younes Khoudli 2018
gbaguidiaisse.18.seminar Deciding Persistence or Recurrence Membership in Spot Alexandre Gbaguidi Aïsse 2018
dangla.17.seminar Evaluation method of text detection algorithm rating Aliona Dangla 2017
berthet.17.seminar Automatic detection of text zones on identity documents. Anne-Claire Berthet 2017
gillard.17.seminar Two-automaton emptiness check in Spot Clément Gillard 2017
gbaguidiaisse.17.seminar A co-Büching Toolbox Alexandre Gbaguidi Aïsse 2017
houang.17.seminar Binary Partition Tree for Image Processing Fabien Houang 2017
michaud.17.seminar LTL Synthesis with Spot Thibaud Michaud 2017
tourneur.17.seminar Partial order reduction in SPOT Vincent Tourneur 2017
xu.17.seminar Improvements of Simulation-based Reduction Laurent Xu 2017
piat.17.seminar K shortest-paths in Vcsn Sébastien Piat 2017
remaud.17.seminar Integration of TChecker in Spot Arthur Remaud 2017
collette.17.seminar Morse-Smale Complex computation with Watershed Cut Victor Collette 2017
iovene.17.seminar Time Delay Neural Networks-Based Universal Background Model for Speaker Recognition Valentin Iovene 2017
billion.16.seminar Contribution to dyn:: Raoul Billion 2016
moreau.16.seminar Metric Learning using a Siamese Deep Neural Network Anatole Moreau 2016
piat.16.seminar Vcsn Meets Linguistics Sébastien Piat 2016
daval-frerot.16.seminar Bottleneck neural networks for Speaker Recognition Guillaume Daval-Frerot 2016
piat.16.seminar2 K shortest-paths in Vcsn Sébastien Piat 2016
pietri.16.seminar Random automata and path generation in Vcsn Antoine Pietri 2016
xu.16.seminar Product of Parity Automata Laurent Xu 2016
iovene.16.seminar Domain Mismatch Compensation for Text-Independant Speaker Recognition Valentin Iovene 2016
deutsch.16.seminar Supervised Discrimination of Characters on Images Thibault Deutsch 2016
tolmer.16.seminar Efficient Transducer Composition in Vcsn Valentin Tolmer 2016
michaud.16.seminar Quotient of weighted automata and rational series Thibaud Michaud 2016
fauchille.16.seminar Alternating automata support Amaury Fauchille 2016
lewkowicz.16.seminar Improving the determinization of Büchi automata Alexandre Lewkowicz 2016
boillod.16.seminar Random rational expression generation Lucien Boillod 2016
berthet.16.seminar Automatic segmentation of Cassini's maps Anne-Claire Berthet 2016
riols.16.seminar Speaker Diarization based on the Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients Fanny Riols 2016
berthet.15.seminar Image processing for plots detection from ancient maps Anne-Claire Berthet 2015
tolmer.15.seminar Algorithms on Transducers Valentin Tolmer 2015
riols.15.seminar Speaker Diarization based on Independent Component Analysis Fanny Riols 2015
iovene.15.seminar I-Vectors distance learning with Convolutional Neural Networks Valentin Iovene 2015
batten.15.seminar Using the Mumford-Shah segmentation for Text Detection in images James Batten 2015
seure.15.seminar Improving OCR k-NN classifier's training set Anthony Seure 2015
lewkowicz.15.seminar An efficient implementation of transition-based generalized Büchi automaton determinization Alexandre Lewkowicz 2015
dore.15.seminar Adaptation of the watershed cuts algorithm to cellular complexes Guillaume Doré 2015
bounthong.15.seminar Speaker specific i-vector channel compensation in speaker recognition Jean-Luc Bounthong 2015
parquier.15.seminar Strength-based decomposition of Büchi automaton Claire Parquier 2015
yeh.15.seminar Local channel compensated method in Speaker Recognition System Jimmy Yeh 2015
pietri.15.seminar Efficient removal of spontaneous transitions in Vcsn Antoine Pietri 2015
groux.15.seminar IVector space mapping with Deep Neural Network Louis Groux 2015
barray.15.seminar New ways to use the Vcsn's Jupyter interface. Nicolas Barray 2015
riols.14.seminar Markov Clustering Algorithm for Unsupervised Speaker Recognition System Fanny Riols 2014
tolmer.14.seminar Transducer composition in Vaucanson 2 Valentin Tolmer 2014
pietri.14.seminar Finding Short Synchronizing Words Antoine Pietri 2014
lewkowicz.14.seminar A Feedback Arc Set for Spot Alexandre Lewkowicz 2014
seure.14.seminar Logotypes detection and other characteristics invariants using SIFT descriptors Anthony Seure 2014
badie.13.seminar Simulation-based Reductions for TGBA Thomas Badie 2013
yeh.13.seminar I-Vector Multilayer Perceptron in Speaker Recognition System Jimmy Yeh 2013
boissel.13.seminar Reduce the resource consumption of a complex image processing chain Raphael Boissel 2013
crozet.13.seminar About the computation of the Tree of Shapes on n-dimensional images in quasi-linear time. Sébastien Crozet 2013
sanchez.13.seminar Improving Vaucanson's design Guillaume Sanchez 2013
roux.13.seminar Nonlinear Projection for Cosine Distance Scoring in I-Vector based Speaker Verification Systems. Benjamin Roux 2013
boissel.13.seminar2 Using a wavelet-based descriptor to extract information on object shape Raphaël Boissel 2013
crozet.13.seminar2 The Tree of Shapes Comparative Review of Component Tree Computation Algorithms. Sébastien Crozet 2013
parutto.13.seminar Adaptive partial order reduction methods Pierre Parutto 2013
santet.13.seminar Transducers in Vaucanson 2 Victor Marie-Santet 2013
roux.13.seminar2 SVM decision taking in I-Vector based Speaker Verification Systems Benjamin Roux 2013
bounthong.13.seminar Boltzmann Machine in speaker verification Jean-Luc Bounthong 2013
senta.13.seminar Parallel Climb Laurent Senta 2013
levi.13.seminar Variational image inpainting by combination of features Coddy Levi 2013