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Title Authors Year
riols.15.seminar Speaker Diarization based on Independent Component Analysis Fanny Riols 2015
iovene.15.seminar I-Vectors distance learning with Convolutional Neural Networks Valentin Iovene 2015
batten.15.seminar Using the Mumford-Shah segmentation for Text Detection in images James Batten 2015
seure.15.seminar Improving OCR k-NN classifier's training set Anthony Seure 2015
lewkowicz.15.seminar An efficient implementation of transition-based generalized Büchi automaton determinization Alexandre Lewkowicz 2015
dore.15.seminar Adaptation of the watershed cuts algorithm to cellular complexes Guillaume Doré 2015
bounthong.15.seminar Speaker specific i-vector channel compensation in speaker recognition Jean-Luc Bounthong 2015
pietri.14.seminar Finding Short Synchronizing Words Antoine Pietri 2014
riols.14.seminar Markov Clustering Algorithm for Unsupervised Speaker Recognition System Fanny Riols 2014
lewkowicz.14.seminar A Feedback Arc Set for Spot Alexandre Lewkowicz 2014
tolmer.14.seminar Transducer composition in Vaucanson 2 Valentin Tolmer 2014
seure.14.seminar Logotypes detection and other characteristics invariants using SIFT descriptors Anthony Seure 2014
vermorel.13.seminar Automatic maintenance of exported symbols in Common Lisp packages Christophe Vermorel 2013
boissel.13.seminar Reduce the resource consumption of a complex image processing chain Raphael Boissel 2013
crozet.13.seminar About the computation of the Tree of Shapes on n-dimensional images in quasi-linear time. Sébastien Crozet 2013
sanchez.13.seminar Improving Vaucanson's design Guillaume Sanchez 2013
roux.13.seminar Nonlinear Projection for Cosine Distance Scoring in I-Vector based Speaker Verification Systems. Benjamin Roux 2013
boissel.13.seminar2 Using a wavelet-based descriptor to extract information on object shape Raphaël Boissel 2013
crozet.13.seminar2 The Tree of Shapes Comparative Review of Component Tree Computation Algorithms. Sébastien Crozet 2013
parutto.13.seminar Adaptive partial order reduction methods Pierre Parutto 2013
santet.13.seminar Transducers in Vaucanson 2 Victor Marie-Santet 2013
roux.13.seminar2 SVM decision taking in I-Vector based Speaker Verification Systems Benjamin Roux 2013
yeh.13.seminar I-Vector Multilayer Perceptron in Speaker Recognition System Jimmy Yeh 2013
bounthong.13.seminar Boltzmann Machine in speaker verification Jean-Luc Bounthong 2013
senta.13.seminar Parallel Climb Laurent Senta 2013
levi.13.seminar Variational image inpainting by combination of features Coddy Levi 2013
ripault.13.seminar Context-oriented programming applied to image processing François Ripault 2013
seure.13.seminar Logotypes detection and other characteristic invariants Anthony Seure 2013
escobar.13.seminar High-level Document Structure Analysis in the Olena Scribo Module Christophe Escobar 2013
moreira.13.seminar FSMXML for Vaucanson 2.0 David Moreira 2013
ripault.13.seminar2 On coercion in Context-Oriented Programming François Ripault 2013
badie.13.seminar Simulation-based Reductions for TGBA Thomas Badie 2013
lobry.12.seminar Improving Horn-Schunck Sylvain Lobry 2012
parutto.12.seminar Partial order reduction methods for Spot Pierre Parutto 2012
marquegnies.12.seminar A comparative study of image invariants for text / non-text classification Julien Marquegnies 2012
senta.12.seminar Building an interface for and with Climb Laurent Senta 2012
lobry.13.seminar Computing the optical flow in sequences with missing parts Sylvain Lobry 2012
levi.12.seminar Fast structure preserving inpainting Coddy Levi 2012
ripault.12.seminar Optimization in Common Lisp, and its application to Climb François Ripault 2012
moreira.12.seminar Towards Vaucanson 2.0 David Moreira 2012
badie.12.seminar Direct-Simulation Reduction for TGBA Thomas Badie 2012
chedeau.12.seminar Property based dispatch in functional languages Christopher Chedeau 2012
abecassis.12.seminar Parallelization in a generic image processing library Felix Abecassis 2012
boissel.12.seminar Text extraction method based on wavelets Raphael Boissel 2012
crozet.12.seminar Parallel approach for the computation of the tree of shapes on n-dimensional images Sébastien Crozet 2012
roux.12.seminar Full Covariance Matrices based Gaussian Mixture Models Benjamin Roux 2012
marquegnies.11.seminar Document layout analysis in SCRIBO Julien Marquegnies 2011
senta.11.seminar Climb: Weighted Neighborhood Implementation Laurent Senta 2011
lenoir.12.seminar Speaker Diarization Victor Lenoir 2011
levi.11.seminar Inverse Video extraction in Scribo Coddy Levi 2011