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Planting, Growing and Pruning Trees: Connected Filters Applied to Document Image Analysis (DAS)

On Making nD Images Well-Composed by a Self-Dual Local Interpolation (DGCI)

A Morphological Method for Music Score Staff Removal (ICIP)

Tree of Shapes of Multivariate Images: Leads and Traps (ICIP)

A First Parallel Algorithm to Compute the Morphological Tree of Shapes (ICIP)

Meaningful Disjoint Level Lines Selection (ICIP)

A Morphological Tree of Shapes for Color Images (ICPR)

Efficient Multiscale Sauvola's Binarization (IJDAR)


Salient Level Lines Selection using the Mumford-Shah Functional (ICIP)

A Quasi-Linear Algorithm to Compute the Tree of Shapes of n-D Images (ISMM)

A Comparison of Many Max-Tree Computation Algorithms (ISMM)

Discrete Set-Valued Continuity and Interpolation (ISMM)

Two Applications of Shape-Based Morphology: Blood Vessels Segmentation and a Generalization of Constrained Connectivity (ISMM)


Outil logiciel pour le traitement d'images: Bibliothèque, paradigmes, types et algorithmes (HDR)

Context-Based Energy Estimator: Application to Object Segmentation on the Tree of Shapes (ICIP)

Morphological Filtering in Shape Spaces: Applications using Tree-Based Image Representations (ICPR)

Writing Reusable Digital Topology Algorithms in a Generic Image Processing Framework(WADGMM-LNCS)


Une approche générique du logiciel pour le traitement d'images préservant les performances (GRETSI)

The SCRIBO Module of the Olena Platform: a Free Software Framework for Document Image Analysis (ICDAR)


Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology (Mathematical Morphology---From Theory to Applications) (MM)

Why and How to Design a Generic and Efficient Image Processing Framework: The Case of the Milena Library (ICIP)

Morphologie et algorithmes (Morphologie mathématique 2 : estimation, choix et mise en oeuvre) (MM-FR)

Writing Reusable Digital Geometry Algorithms in a Generic Image Processing Framework (WADGMM)


Milena: Write Generic Morphological Algorithms Once, Run on Many Kinds of Images (ISMM)


Semantics-Driven Genericity: A Sequel to the Static C++ Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm (SCOOP 2) (MPOOL)


Algorithme de calcul de l'arbre des composantes avec applications à la reconnaissance des formes en imagerie satellitaire (GRETSI)

Effective Component Tree Computation with Application to Pattern Recognition in Astronomical Imaging (ICIP)


Project EFIGI: Automatic Classification of Galaxies (ADASS)

Ruminations on Tarjan's Union-Find Algorithm and Connected Operators (ISMM)

Fusion of Spatial Relationships for Guiding Recognition---Example of Brain Structure Recognition in 3D MRI (PRL)


Generic Algorithmic Blocks Dedicated to Image Processing (ECOOP-PhD)

Fast Color Image Segmentation Based on Levellings in Feature Space (ICCVG)

Fast Road Network Extraction in Satellite Images using Mathematical Morphology and Markov Random Fields (JASP)


Representation and Fusion of Heterogeneous Fuzzy Information in the 3D Space for Model-Based Structural Recognition---Application to 3D Brain Imaging (AI)

Document Type Recognition using Evidence Theory (GREC)

Segmentation of Curvilinear Objects using a Watershed-Based Curve Adjacency Graph (IbPRIA)

Multi-Band Segmentation using Morphological Clustering and Fusion---Application to Color Image Segmentation (ICIP)

Segmentation d'objets curvilignes à l'aide des champs de Markov sur un graphe d'adjacence de courbes issu de l'algorithme de la ligne de partage des eaux (ICISP)

A Static C++ Object-Oriented Programming (SCOOP) Paradigm Mixing Benefits of Traditional OOP and Generic Programming (MPOOL)

Fast Road Network Extraction in Satellite Images using Mathematical Morphology and MRF (NSIP)


Generic Implementation of Morphological Image Operators (ISMM)


Applying Generic Programming to Image Processing (AI)

Generic Design Patterns in C++ (COOTS)

Color Image Segmentation based on Automatic Morphological Clustering (ICIP)

Segmentation d'images en couleur par classification morphologique non supervisée (ICISP)


An asynchronous architecture to manage communication, display, and user interaction in distributed virtual environments (EGVE)

Generic programming redesign of patterns (EuroPLoP)

Obtaining genericity for image processing and pattern recognition algorithms (ICPR)

Reconnaissance de structures cérébrales à l'aide d'un atlas et par fusion d'informations structurelles floues (RFIA)

A Framework to Dynamically Manage Distributed Virtual Environments (VW)


Atlas-Guided Recognition of Cerebral Structures in MRI using Fusion of Fuzzy Structural Information (CIMAF)

Vers une réutilisabilité totale des algorithmes de traitement d'images (GRETSI)


Segmentation des structures internes du cerveau en imagerie par résonance magnétique 3D (PHD)


Robust Radiometric Parameter Estimation and Automatic Morphological Segmentation of Brain Internal Structures in 3D MR Images (CAR)


Segmenting internal structures in 3D MR images of the brain by Markovian relaxation on a watershed based adjacency graph (ICIP)

Estimation of Partial Volume Effect using Spatial Context: Application to Morphometry in Cerebral Imaging (MIC)


New High Performance 3D Registration Algorithms for 3D Medical Images (SPIEMI)