(This is a pre-canned answer, sorry if it sounds impersonal.)

You receive this text, or are pointed to this page because you sent me a private mail regarding Automake, a free software supported by public mailing lists. I'm afraid I will not answer your mail for the following reasons.

See also Russ Allbery's Why Ask Question in Public?

The primary mailing lists for Automake are

bug-automake@gnu.org for bug reports about Automake
automake@gnu.org for general discussions about Automake
automake-patches@gnu.org for patches against Automake

You do not need to subscribe to any mailing list before posting: these lists are open to anyone, including non-subscribers. However if you want to subscribe, follow the subscription instructions on the Automake home page.

The Automake home page also contains pointers to the mailing list archives, as well as pointers to the latest release of Automake, and to up-to-date documentation.

If you were sending me a patch, please start here.

Autoconf and Libtool questions should be directed to the appropriate mailing lists:

bug-autoconf@gnu.org for bug reports about Autoconf
autoconf@gnu.org for general discussions about Autoconf
bug-libtool@gnu.org for bug reports about Libtool
libtool@gnu.org for general discussions about Libtool

When posting to these public lists, please remember they are archived public lists, and are read by many people. So please choose the right mailing list and use a proper Subject-line so people can quickly decide whether they need to read your mail. When answering, please take your time to strip unnecessary quotes, follow the Netiquette and by all means avoid top-posting (this annoy most people on these lists, and it also makes your mail unnecessary complicated for blind readers).

Let me apologize again for not answering your mail. It does not mean that I disagree (or agree) with the contents of your mail. It just means that private mails are an annoyance to many people, and that it sounds more sensible to me to teach people how to behave (w.r.t. public projects) rather than wasting time coping with them silently.

Although I haven't answered your mail, feel free to answer this one. I welcome any kind of suggestions that can make the wording of this answer less rude and clearer.

-- Alexandre Duret-Lutz