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Scanning with Gperf

A part of the job of scanners is recognizing keywords amongst identifiers. We examine this task briefly in Looking for Keywords. This will lead to us to design a program automating the generation of keyword recognizers, which turns out to be what Gperf is, as explained in What Gperf is.

Once the generic background is depicted, we will proceed with an example presenting the most basic features of Gperf, see Simple Uses of Gperf. Then, after having presented more formally gperf in Using Gperf, we will present a complete use of Gperf, exhibiting the classic pitfalls, Advanced Use of Gperf, and its interface with Autoconf and Automake, Using Gperf with the GNU Build System.

Finally, in Exercises on Gperf, we will propose a few directions for the readers willing to go further with Gperf.