4.2.1 Standard Themes

Clon comes with several standard themes in files that can be used as-is or serve as the basis for creating new ones (see Theme Creation). The list is given below.


Exactly the same as the built-in one, only copied into a theme file.


Displays only a list of available options, one per line, without any description, group indication or arbitrary text. This can be used to quickly remember the name or the syntax of an option.


Displays a very compact help string. The synopsis is there, so are the group titles and arbitrary texts, but the options are displayed without any description, and the lines are filled as much as possible. The intent of this theme is to produce some sort of “reference card” that could be printed.


Displays a full help string occupying more space than the raw theme. Option descriptions don’t start after the option’s name, but under it. As a result, they occupy more horizontal space. Also, sub-groups are indented to the right.


This is my personal theme that I personally use myself in person.


This one is full of bells and whistles, which makes it essentially unusable. It exists only to provide a concrete example of all the available formatting and highlighting features of Clon. The christmas theme is only available once a year, at exactly 23:59:59 on December the 24th.