Appendix A Supported Platforms

Clon is an ASDF 3 library. It currently works on Unix (including MacOS X) and Windows (Cygwin or MinGW) and has been ported to 8 Common Lisp implementations. It requires editor-hints.named-readtables. The following table lists the supported platforms and some additional, platform-dependent dependencies.

CompilerMinimum VersionDependencies
CLISPcffi (optional)
Allegro4cffi (optional)
LispWorkscffi (optional)

A.1 CLISP, Allegro and LispWorks specificities

As mentioned in the above table, CLISP, Allegro and LispWorks dependency on cffi is optional. They need cffi in order to implement terminal autodetection only (note that many other implementations come with their own foreign function interface). If cffi cannot be found when the ASDF system is loaded (or in the case of CLISP, if it has been compiled without ffi support), you get a big red blinking light and a warning but that’s all. Clon will still work, although in restricted mode.

A.2 ABCL specificities

Clon’s ABCL port currently has two limitations:



more precisely, git revision 3e2e5f9dc3c5176ef6ef8d7794bfa43f1af8f8db


more precisely, svn trunk revision 140640


both standard and modern images are supported