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2 Installation

See Supported Platforms, for information on portability or requirements. See Declt’s homepage for tarballs, Git repository and online documentation. Declt is also available via Quicklisp.

In order to install and load the bare Lisp library, unpack it somewhere in the ASDF 3 source registry and type this at the REPL:

(asdf:load-system :net.didierverna.declt)

In addition to the bare Lisp library, the Declt distribution offers documentation in the form of 2 different manuals: the User Manual (you are reading it) and the (reference)The Declt Reference Manual. The latter is generated by Declt itself. If you want to benefit from all those wonders, some bits of manual installation are needed. After unpacking somewhere in the ASDF 3 source registry, please perform the following steps, in order.

  1. Edit make/config.make to your specific needs.
  2. Type make to compile the documentation (user manual and reference manual). By default, the documentation is built in info, PDF and HTML formats. If you want other formats (DVI and PostScript are available), type make all-formats. You can also type individually make dvi and/or make ps in order to get the corresponding format.
  3. Type make install to install the documentation. If you have compiled the documentation in DVI and PostScript format, those will be installed as well.

Type make uninstall to uninstall the library.