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5.1 Version Numbering

As FoCus evolves over time, you might one day feel the need for conditionalizing your code on the version of the library.

The first thing you can do to access the current version number of FoCus is use the version function.

Function: version &optional (TYPE :number)

Return the current version number of FoCus. TYPE can be one of :number, :short or :long. For :number, the returned value is a fixnum. Otherwise, it is a string.

A FoCus version is characterized by 4 elements as described below.

In addition to that, each version of FoCus (in the sense major.minor, regardless of the status) has a name, stored in the parameter *release-name*. The general naming theme for FoCus is “A├»kido movements”.

Here is how the version function computes its value.

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