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3.2 Font Information

General font information decoded from the TFM data can be individually retrieved via a number of font accessors described below.

TFM is able to decode Xerox PARC headers when provided (see TeX Font Metric Files, David Fuchs, TUGboat Volume 2, n.1, pages 12–16 and PLtoPF[9,10]). The following information is extracted from them, and defaults to nil otherwise. Note that when a header of sufficient length is available, it is in fact impossible to tell for sure whether it is a Xerox PARC one or not. TFM simply assumes it is. As no other kind of header has been encountered yet (and the whole TeX Live distribution has been tested), it is a pretty safe assumption. Finally, if a header size is greater than that of a Xerox PARC one, TFM discards what’s left of it.

A font also contains a number of properties extracted from the so-called “parameters” section. They all default to 0.

TeX math symbols and extension fonts have respectively 15 and 6 additional parameters which are also accessible.

Finally, if the font has any parameters left, they are collected in an array of numeric values, accessible via the parameters function.

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