EPITA Programming style standard

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EPITA Coding Style Standard

This document is intended to uniformize the coding styles of EPITA engineering students during their first term.

Covered topics:

The specifications in this document are to be known in detail by all students.

During the initial period, all submitted projects must comply exactly with the standard; any infringement causes the mark to be multiplied by 0.

This standard is usually relaxed during the second period (starting in january), mainly because of the evolution of project requirements: the use of Automake leverage constraints over Makefile's, and the use of languages other than C imply their own, different, coding styles. However, this does not mean that introducing new tools or language requirements in project during the first period automatically relaxes the standard: this has to be negociated on a per-case basis with the assistants.

Note that this document is complementary to the official document, which is written in french and is available on the assistants web site.