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5.4.2 Bootstrapping the Package

If something goes wrong, or if it is simply the first time you create or a, you need to set up the GNU Build System. That’s the goal of the simple script bootstrap, which most important action is invoking:

$ autoreconf -fvi

The various files (configure,, etc.) are created. There is no need to run ‘make distclean’, or aclocal or whatever, before running autoreconf: it knows what to do.

Then invoke configure and make (see GCC):

$ mkdir _build
$ cd _build
$ ../configure CXX=g++-5.0
$ make

Alternatively you may set CC and CXX in your environment:

$ export CXX=g++-5.0
$ mkdir _build
$ cd _build
$ ../configure && make

This solution is preferred since the value of CC etc. will be used by the configure invocation from ‘make distcheck’ (see Making a Tarball).