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%require: PTHL Code to Write

*.cc: File Conventions
*.cc: Definitions of functions and variables: File Conventions
*.hh: File Conventions
*.hh: Declarations: File Conventions
*.hxx: File Conventions
*.hxx: Inlined definitions: File Conventions

--bindings-compute: TC-3
--bindings-display: TC-3
--bounds-checks-add: TC-B
--desugar: TC-D
--desugar-for: TC-D
--desugar-string-cmp: TC-D
--escapes-compute: TC-E
--escapes-display: TC-E
--inline: TC-I
--llvm-compute: TC-L
--llvm-display: TC-L
--llvm-runtime-display: TC-L
--object-bindings-compute: TC-3
--object-desugar: TC-O
--object-rename: TC-4 Options
--object-types-compute: TC-4 Samples
--overfun-bindings-compute: TC-A
--overfun-bounds-checks-add: TC-B
--overfun-desugar: TC-D
--overfun-inline: TC-I
--overfun-prune: TC-I
--overfun-types-compute: TC-4 Samples
--overfun-types-compute: TC-A
--prune: TC-I
--rename: TC-R
--target-arm: TC-Y
--target-ia32: TC-X
--typed: TC-4 Samples
--types-compute: TC-4 Samples
-T: TC-4 Samples

80 columns maximum: Matters of Style

: PTHL Samples

accept: src/ast
accept: src/ast
accept: src/ast
accept: src/ast
access.*: src/frame
access.*: src/translate
Accessors: Use of C++ Features
activation block: Glossary
aliasing: Use of C++ Features
arm: src/target
arm-assembly.*: src/target/arm
arm-codegen.*: src/target/arm
arm-layout.*: src/target/arm
array.*: src/type
Assem: src/assem
assembly.*: src/target
attribute.*: src/type
AUTHORS.txt: The Top Level
Autoconf: The GNU Build System
Automake: The GNU Build System
Autotools Tutorial: Bibliography
auxiliary class: Name Conventions
Avoid static class members (EC47): Use of C++ Features

basic block: TC-6 Scheduling Samples
Be concise: Documentation Style
binder.*: src/bind
binder.*: src/object
binding: TC-3 Samples
binop.brg: src/target/mips
binop.brg: src/target/ia32
binop.brg: src/target/arm
Bison: Flex & Bison build-aux
Bjarne Stroustrup: Bibliography
block structure: TC-E Goals
Bookshop: Bibliography Bibliography
bounds-checking-visitor.*: src/desugar
build: Glossary
builtin-types.*: src/type
BURG: Fast Optimal Instruction Selection and Tree Parsing: Bibliography

C++ Primer: Bibliography
call.brg: src/target/mips
call.brg: src/target/ia32
call.brg: src/target/arm
canonicalization: TC-6
chunk: TC-2 Chunks
chunk: TC-2 Code to Write
cjump.brg: src/target/mips
cjump.brg: src/target/ia32
cjump.brg: src/target/arm
Clang: Clang
class.*: src/type
cloner.*: src/astclone
Code duplication: Use of C++ Features
codegen.*: src/target
codegen.*: src/target/mips
codegen.*: src/target/ia32
color.*: src/regalloc
comment.*: src/assem
common.hh: src
commute: TC-6 Canonicalization Samples
Compilers and Compiler Generators, an introduction with C++: Bibliography
Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools: Bibliography
conflict graph: TC-8
contract.*: lib/misc
Cool: The Classroom Object-Oriented Compiler: Bibliography
cpu.*: src/target
cpu.*: src/target/mips
cpu.*: src/target/ia32
cpu.*: src/target/arm
created_type_set: src/ast
CStupidClassName: Bibliography
curriculum: Glossary

default-visitor.*: src/ast
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software: Bibliography
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software: Bibliography
desugar-visitor.*: src/object
desugar-visitor.*: src/desugar
distcheck: Making a Tarball
dmalloc: Valgrind
Do not copy tests or test frame works: Rules of the Game
Do not declare many variables on one line: Matters of Style
Document classes in their *.hh file: Documentation Style
Document namespaces in lib*.hh files: Documentation Style
Don't hesitate working with other groups: Rules of the Game
Don't use inline in declarations: Matters of Style
Dragon Book: Bibliography
driver: src
dump: Use of C++ Features
dump: lib/misc
dynamic_cast: Use of C++ Features

ECN: Bibliography
ECN: Bibliography
Effective C++: Bibliography
Effective Modern C++: Bibliography
Effective STL: Bibliography
Engineering a simple, efficient code generator generator: Bibliography src/target/mips src/target/ia32 src/target/arm
EPITA Library: Bibliography
error.*: lib/misc
error→: PTHL Samples
escapable.*: src/ast
escape: lib/misc
escape.*: lib/misc
escapes-collector.*: src/llvmtranslate
escapes-visitor.*: src/escapes
escapes::EscapesVisitor: TC-E Code to Write
ESN: Bibliography
exp.brg: src/target/mips
exp.brg: src/target/ia32
exp.brg: src/target/arm
exp.hh: src/translate
Explicit template instantiation: File Conventions

FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
field.*: src/type
Flex: Flex & Bison build-aux
flex-lexer.hh: lib/misc
flow graph: TC-8
flowgraph.*: src/liveness
foo_get: Use of C++ Features
foo_set: Use of C++ Features
fragment.*: src/tree
fragment.*: src/assem
fragments.*: src/tree
frame.*: src/frame
function.*: src/type
fwd.hh: forward declarations: File Conventions

gas-assembly.*: src/target/ia32
gas-layout.*: src/target/ia32
Generic Visitors in C++: Bibliography
get: lib/misc
GNU Build System: The GNU Build System
GotW: Bibliography
GOTWN: Bibliography
graph: lib/misc
graph.*: lib/misc
Guard included files (*.hh & *.hxx): File Conventions
Guru of the Week: Bibliography

havm: TC-5 Primitive Samples
HAVM: Glossary
helper class: Name Conventions
Hide auxiliary classes: Name Conventions
host: Glossary
How not to go about a programming assignment: Bibliography
Hunt code duplication: Use of C++ Features
Hunt Leaks: Use of C++ Features

I386: TC-X
IA-32: TC-X
IA-32: Glossary
ia32: src/target
identifier.*: src/temp
If something is fishy, say it: Rules of the Game
indent.*: lib/misc
inliner.*: src/inlining
instr.*: src/assem
instruction selection: TC-7
interference graph: TC-8
interference-graph.*: src/liveness

Keep superclasses on the class declaration line: Matters of Style

label.*: src/temp
label.*: src/assem
layout.hh: src/assem
Le Monde en Tique: Bibliography
Leave no space between a function name and its argument(s), either formal or actual: Matters of Style
Leave no space between template name and effective parameters: Matters of Style
Leave one space between TEMPLATE and formal parameters: Matters of Style
level.*: src/translate
Lex: Flex & Bison
Lex & Yacc: Bibliography
libassem.*: src/assem
libllvmtranslate.*: src/llvmtranslate
libmodule.*: Pure interface: File Conventions
libparse.hh: src/parse
libregalloc.*: src/regalloc
libtarget.*: src/target
Libtool: The GNU Build System
libtranslate.*: src/translate
libtype.*: src/type
liveness analysis: TC-8
liveness.*: src/liveness
LLVM: Clang
llvm-type-visitor.*: src/llvmtranslate
location.hh: src/parse
location.hh: src/ast

Making Compiler Design Relevant for Students who will (Most Likely) Never Design a Compiler: Bibliography
malloc: TC-5 Builtin Calls Samples
mem.brg: src/target/mips
mem.brg: src/target/ia32
mem.brg: src/target/arm
method.*: src/type
mips: src/target
misc::error: lib/misc
misc::scoped_map<Key, Data>: lib/misc
misc::variant<T0, T1>: lib/misc
misc::variant<T0, Ts...>: TC-1 Code to Write
Modern C++ Design -- Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied: Bibliography
Modern Compiler Implementation in C, Java, ML: Bibliography
Module, namespace, and directory likethis: File Conventions
MonoBURG: MonoBURG build-aux
move.*: src/assem
move.brg: src/target/mips
move.brg: src/target/ia32
move.brg: src/target/arm
move_load.brg: src/target/mips
move_load.brg: src/target/ia32
move_load.brg: src/target/arm
move_store.brg: src/target/mips
move_store.brg: src/target/ia32
move_store.brg: src/target/arm

Name private/protected members like_this_: Name Conventions
Name public members like_this: Name Conventions
Name the parent class super_type: Name Conventions
Name your classes LikeThis: Name Conventions
Name your using type alias foo_type: Name Conventions
named.*: src/type
nested function: TC-E Goals
NEWS: Making a Tarball
nil.*: src/type
Nolimips: Nolimips
non-local variable: TC-E Goals
non-object-visitor.*: src/ast

Object Management Group: Bibliography
object-visitor.*: src/ast
object::Renamer: TC-4 Options
One class LikeThis per files like-this.*: File Conventions
oper.*: src/assem
Order class members by visibility first: Matters of Style

panther.el: build-aux
parsetiger.yy: src/parse
Parsing Techniques -- A Practical Guide: Bibliography
Pointers and references are part of the type: Matters of Style
Portland Pattern Repository: Bibliography
position.hh: src/parse
Prefer C Comments for Long Comments: Documentation Style
Prefer C++ Comments for One Line Comments: Documentation Style
Prefer dynamic_cast of references: Use of C++ Features
Prefer member functions to algorithms with the same names (ES44): Use of STL
Prefer standard algorithms to hand-written loops (ES43): Use of STL
pretty-printer.*: src/ast
pretty-printer.*: src/type
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++: Bibliography
prologue.hh: src/target/mips
prologue.hh: src/target/ia32
prologue.hh: src/target/arm
pruner.*: src/inlining
put: lib/misc
Put initializations below the constructor declaration: Matters of Style
Python: Python

rebox: Documentation Style
rebox: build-aux
rebox.el: build-aux
record.*: src/type
ref.*: lib/misc
regallocator.*: src/regalloc
register allocation: TC-9
renamer.*: src/bind
renamer.*: src/object
runtime, Tiger: src/target
runtime, Tiger: src/llvmtranslate
runtime-freebsd.s: src/target/ia32
runtime-gnu-linux.s: src/target/ia32 src/target/mips
runtime.s: src/target/mips
runtime.s: src/target/arm

scantiger.ll: src/parse
scholarship: Glossary
schooling: Glossary
scoped-map.*: lib/misc
scope_begin: lib/misc
scope_end: lib/misc
sequence point: TC-6 Canonicalization Samples
set.*: lib/misc
snippet: Glossary
Specify comparison types for associative containers of pointers (ES20): Use of STL
spim-assembly.*: src/target/mips
spim-layout.*: src/target/mips
SPOT : une bibliothèque de vérification de propriétés de logique temporelle à temps linéaire: Bibliography
stack frame: Glossary
static hierarchy: Glossary
Stay out of reserved names: Name Conventions
STL Home: Bibliography
stm.brg: src/target/mips
stm.brg: src/target/ia32
stm.brg: src/target/arm
symbol.*: lib/misc

tarball name: Package Name and Version
target: Glossary
target.*: src/target
target.*: src/target/mips
target.*: src/target/ia32
target.*: src/target/arm
tasks.*: Impure interface: File Conventions
tc: src src
temp-set.*: src/temp
temp.*: src/temp
temp.brg: src/target/mips
temp.brg: src/target/ia32
temp.brg: src/target/arm
test, unit: TC-1 Code to Write src/liveness src/regalloc
Testing student-made compilers: Bibliography
Tests are part of the project: Rules of the Game
The Design and Evolution of C++: Bibliography
The Dragon Book: Bibliography
The Elements of Style: Bibliography
Thinking in C++ Volume 1: Bibliography
Thinking in C++ Volume 2: Bibliography
Thou Shalt Not Copy Code: Rules of the Game
Thou Shalt Not Possess Thy Neighbor's Code: Rules of the Game
tiger-ftdetect.vim: build-aux
tiger-runtime.c: src/target
tiger-runtime.c: src/llvmtranslate
tiger-syntax.vim: build-aux
tiger.el: build-aux
timer.*: lib/misc
traces: TC-6 Scheduling Samples
traits: Bibliography
traits: Glossary
Traits: a new and useful template technique: Bibliography
translation.hh: src/translate
translator.hh: src/translate
translator.hh: src/llvmtranslate
tree.brg: src/target/mips
tree.brg: src/target/ia32
tree.brg: src/target/arm
typable.*: src/ast
type checking: TC-4
type-checker.*: src/type
type-checker.*: src/object
type-constructor.*: src/ast
type.*: src/type
type::Error: TC-4 Options
type::Type*: src/ast
type::Type*: src/ast
typeid: Use of C++ Features
types.hh: src/type
type_set: src/ast

unique.*: lib/misc
unit test: TC-1 Code to Write
Use const references in arguments to save copies (EC22): Use of C++ Features
Use dump as a member function returning a stream: Use of C++ Features
Use dynamic_cast for type cases: Use of C++ Features
Use foo_get, not get_foo: Use of C++ Features
Use override: Matters of Style
Use pointers when passing an object together with its management: Use of C++ Features
Use rebox.el to mark up paragraphs: Documentation Style
Use references for aliasing: Use of C++ Features
Use the Imperative: Documentation Style
Use virtual methods, not type cases: Use of C++ Features
Use ‘\directive: Documentation Style

Valgrind: Valgrind
variant: PTHL Code to Write
variant.*: lib/misc
visitor.*: src/tree
visitor.hh: src/ast
visitor.hh: src/assem
vtable: Glossary

Write correct English: Documentation Style
Write Documentation in Doxygen: Documentation Style
Writing Compilers and Interpreters -- An Applied Approach Using C++: Bibliography

X86: TC-X

Yacc: Flex & Bison

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