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2.1 Interactions

Bear in mind that if you are writing, it is to be read, so pay attention to your reader.

The right place

Using mails is almost always wrong: first ask around you, then try to find the assistants in their lab, and finally post into assistants.tiger. You need to have a very good reason to send a message to the assistants or to Akim and Etienne, as it usually annoys us, which is not in your interest.

The newsgroup assistants.tiger is dedicated to the Compiler Construction lecture, the Tiger project, and related matters (e.g. assignments in Tiger itself). Any other material is off topic.

A meaningful title

Find a meaningful subject.

Don’t do thatDo this
Problem in TC-1Cannot generate location.hh
make checkmake check fails on test-ref
A legal content

Pieces of critical code (e.g., precedence section in the parser, the string handling in the scanner, or whatever you are supposed to find by yourself) are not to be published.

This includes the test cases. While posting a simple test case is tolerated, sending many of them, or simply one that addresses a specific common failure (e.g., some obscure cases for escapes) is strictly forbidden.

A complete content

If you experience a problem that you fail to solve, make a report as complete as possible: include pieces of code (unless the code is critical and shall not be published) and the full error message from the compiler/tool. The following text by Simon Tatham is enlightening; its scope goes way beyond the Tiger Project: How to Report Bugs Effectively. See also How not to go about a programming assignment, item “Be clever when using electronic mail”.

A legible content

Use French or English. Epitean is definitely not a language.

A pertinent content

Trolls are not welcome.

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