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1.4.10 Leopard 2009

We have been helped by:


Benoît Tailhades, Alain Vongsouvanh, Razik Yousfi, Benoît Perrot, Benoît Sigoure



LC-0Mon 03-05Fri 03-16 12:00
LC-1RushFri 03-23Sun 03-25 12:00
LC-2Mon 03-26Fri 04-06 12:00
LC-3 & LC-RRushFri 04-06Sun 04-08 12:00
LC-4Mon 04-23Sun 05-06 12:00
LC-5Mon 05-15Sun 06-03 12:00
LC-6Mon 06-04Sun 06-10 12:00
LC-7Mon 06-11Wed 06-20 12:00
LC-8Thu 06-21Sun 07-01 12:00
LC-9Mon 07-02Sun 07-15 12:00

Some of the noteworthy changes compared to Tiger 2008:

Object-Oriented Programming

The language is extended with object-oriented features, as described by Andrew Appel in chapter 14 of Modern Compiler Implementation. The syntax is close to Appel’s, with small modifications, see See Syntactic Specifications in Tiger Compiler Reference Manual.


To reflect this major addition, the language (and thus the project) is given a new name, Leopard. These changes was announced at TC-2, (renamed LC-2).


LC-R is a mandatory part of the LC-3 assignment.