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5.1 Programming Environment

This section lists the tools you need to work in good conditions.

GCC5.0See GCC.
Clang3.8Optional for TC < 5: See Clang.
Autoconf2.64See The GNU Build System.
Automake1.14.1See The GNU Build System.
Libtool2.2.6See The GNU Build System.
GNU Make3.81
Boost1.53TC >= 5, See
Doxygen1.5.1See Doxygen.
Python2.5See Python.
SWIG2.0Optional: See SWIG.
Flex2.5.35See Flex & Bison.
Bison3.0.4.19-fbafSee Flex & Bison.
HAVM0.27TC >= 5, See HAVM.
MonoBURG1.0.6aTC >= 7, See MonoBURG.
Nolimips0.10TC >= 7, See Nolimips.
GDB6.6See GDB.
Valgrind3.6See Valgrind.
GraphViz2.26.3Optional: display DOT graphs.