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1.4.9 Tiger 2008

We have been helped by:


Christophe Duong, Fabien Ouy



TC-0Tue 01-03Fri 01-13 23:42Christophe Duong
TC-1RushFri 03-17Sun 03-19 12:12Renaud Lienhart
TC-2Mon 03-20Thu 03-30 23:42David Doukhan
TC-3RushFri 03-31Sun 04-02 12:12Frederick Mousnier-Lompre
TC-4Tue 04-04Mon 04-24 23:42Guillaume Deslandes
TC-5Mon 05-01Sun 05-28 23:42Alexis Sebbane
TC-6Mon 05-29Sun 06-11 23:42Christophe Duong
TC-7Wed 06-14Wed 06-21 12:00
TC-8Wed 06-21Sun 07-2 12:00
TC-9Mon 07-03Sun 07-16 12:00

Some of the noteworthy changes compared to Tiger 2007:

Simplification of the parser

The parser is simplified in a number of ways. First the old syntax for imported files, let <decs> end, is simplified into <decs>. We also use GLR starting at TC-2. &, | and the unary minus operator are desugared using concrete syntax transformations.

See TC-R, Unique identifiers

This new optional part should be done during TC-3. Leave TC-E for later (with TC-5 or maybe TC-4).

Concrete syntax

Transformations can now be written using Tiger concrete syntax rather than explicit AST construction in C++. This applies to the DesugarVisitor, BoundsCheckingVisitor and InlineVisitor.