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2.4.2 Use of Foreign Features

If, and only if, you already have enough fluency in C++ to be willing to try something wilder, then the following exception is made for you. Be warned: along the years the Tiger project was polished to best fit the typical epitean learning curve, trying to escape this curve is also taking a major risk. By the past, some students tried different approaches, and ended with unmaintainable pieces of code.

If you and your group are sure you can afford some additional difficulty (for additional benefits), then you may use the following extra tools. You have to warn the examiners that you use these tools. You also have to take care of harnessing to make sure that what you need is available on the testing environment. Be also aware that you are likely to obtain less help from us if you use tools that we don’t master: You are on your own, but, hey!, that’s what you’re looking for, ain’t it?

The Loki Library

See Modern C++ Design, for more information about Loki.

The Boost Library

As provided by the unstable Debian packages libboost-*. See

Any Other Parser or Scanner Generator

If you dislike Flex and/or Bison but you already know how to use them, then you are welcome to use other technologies.

If you think about something not listed here, please send us your proposal; acceptance is required to use them.