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3.2.2 The build-aux Directory

File: (build-aux/bin)

This is a wrapper around Bison, tailored to produce C++ parsers. Compared to bison, bison++ updates the output files only if changed. For a file such as location.hh, virtually included by the whole front-end, this is a big win.

Also, bison outputs ‘\file location.hh’ in Doxygen documentation, which clashes with ast/location.hh. bison++ changes this into ‘\file parse/location.hh’.

File: (build-aux/bin)

A wrapper around Flex, to simplify and improve the generation of C++ scanners.

File: (build-aux/bin)

Likewise for MonoBURG.

File: rebox.el (build-aux/)

This file provides two new Emacs functions, ‘M-x rebox-comment’ and ‘M-x rebox-region’. They build and maintain nice looking boxed comments in most languages. Once installed (read it for instructions), write a simple comment such as:

// Comments end with a period.

then move your cursor into this comment and press ‘C-u 2 2 3 M-q’ to get:

| Comments end with a period.  |

2 2 3’ specifies the style of the comment you want to build. Once the comment built, ‘M-q’ suffices to refill it. Run ‘C-u - M-q’ for an interactive interface.

File: tiger.el (build-aux)
File: panther.el (build-aux)

Theses files provide Emacs major modes for Tiger programs (*.tig) and Panther (“object-less” Tiger) programs (*.pan files). Read them to get installation instructions.

File: tiger-ftdetect.vim (build-aux)
File: tiger-syntax.vim (build-aux)

Vim scripts to detect and enable syntax hilighting for Tiger files.

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