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3.2.12 The src/object Directory

File: binder.* (src/object/)

The object::Binder visitor. Binds uses to definitions (works on syntax with objects). Inherits from bind::Binder.

File: type-checker.* (src/object/)

The object::TypeChecker visitor. Computes the types of an AST and adds type labels to the corresponding nodes (works on syntax with objects). Inherits from type::TypeChecker.

File: renamer.* (src/object/)

The object::Renamer visitor. Renames every identifier to a unique name (works on syntax with objects), and keeps a record of the names of the renamed classes. Inherits from bind::Renamer.

File: desugar-visitor.* (src/object/)

The object::DesugarVisitor visitor. Transforms an AST with objects into an AST without objects.