mln::win::rectangle2d Struct Reference
[2D windows]

Rectangular window defined on the 2D square grid. More...

#include <rectangle2d.hh>

Inherits classical_window_base< dpoint2d, rectangle2d >.

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Public Member Functions

unsigned area () const
 Give the rectangle area.
unsigned height () const
 Give the rectangle height.
 rectangle2d (unsigned height, unsigned width)
const std::vector< dpoint2d > & std_vector () const
 Give the std vector of delta-points.
unsigned width () const
 Give the rectangle width.

Detailed Description

Rectangular window defined on the 2D square grid.

A rectangle2d is a 2D window with rectangular shape. It is centered and symmetric.

For instance:

     *  o o o o o
     *  o o x o o
     *  o o o o o
is defined with height = 3 and width = 5.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mln::win::rectangle2d::rectangle2d ( unsigned  height,
unsigned  width 
) [inline]


[in] height Height of the rectangle2d.
[in] width Width of the rectangle2d.
Height and width are odd.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned mln::win::rectangle2d::area (  )  const [inline]

Give the rectangle area.

unsigned mln::win::rectangle2d::height (  )  const [inline]

Give the rectangle height.

const std::vector< dpoint2d > & mln::win::rectangle2d::std_vector (  )  const [inline]

Give the std vector of delta-points.

unsigned mln::win::rectangle2d::width (  )  const [inline]

Give the rectangle width.

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