mln::fun::v2v Namespace Reference

Namespace of functions from value to value. More...


class  ch_function_value
 Wrap a function v2v and convert its result to another type. More...
struct  component
 Functor that accesses the i-th component of a value. More...
struct  l1_norm
 L1-norm. More...
struct  l2_norm
 L2-norm. More...
struct  linear
 Linear function. f(v) = a * v + b. V is the type of input values; T is the type used to compute the result; R is the result type. More...
struct  linfty_norm
 L-infty norm. More...


f_hsi_to_rgb_3x8_t f_hsi_to_rgb_3x8
 Global variable.
f_hsl_to_rgb_3x8_t f_hsl_to_rgb_3x8
 Global variables.
f_rgb_to_hsi_f_t f_rgb_to_hsi_f
 Global variables.
f_rgb_to_hsl_f_t f_rgb_to_hsl_f
 Global variables.

Detailed Description

Namespace of functions from value to value.

Variable Documentation

f_hsi_to_rgb_3x8_t mln::fun::v2v::f_hsi_to_rgb_3x8

Global variable.

f_hsl_to_rgb_3x8_t mln::fun::v2v::f_hsl_to_rgb_3x8

Global variables.

Global variables.

Global variables.

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