mln::topo::center_only_iter< D > Class Template Reference

Iterator on all the adjacent (n-1)-faces of the n-face of an mln::complex<D>. More...

#include <center_only_iter.hh>

Inherits forward_complex_relative_iterator_base< topo::face< D >, algebraic_face< D >, center_only_iter< D > >.

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Public Member Functions

void next ()
 Go to the next element.
 center_only_iter ()

Detailed Description

template<unsigned D>
class mln::topo::center_only_iter< D >

Iterator on all the adjacent (n-1)-faces of the n-face of an mln::complex<D>.

Template Parameters:
D The dimension of the complex this iterator belongs to.
mln::topo::center_only_iter inherits from mln::topo::internal::forward_complex_relative_iterator_base, but it could inherit from mln::topo::internal::backward_complex_relative_iterator_base as well, since it always contains a single element, the center/reference face (and the traversal order is meaningless).

This iterator is essentially used to implement other iterators.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<unsigned D>
mln::topo::center_only_iter< D >::center_only_iter (  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

void mln::Iterator< center_only_iter< D > >::next (  )  [inherited]

Go to the next element.

This is a final method; iterator classes should not re-defined this method. The actual "next" operation has to be defined through the next_ method.
The iterator is valid.

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