Vcsn  2.2a
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vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut > Class Template Reference

Format an automaton into Fado. More...

#include <grail.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void operator() ()
 Actually output aut_ on os_. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >
 printer (const automaton_t &aut, std::ostream &out)

Private Types

using super_t = printer< Aut >

Private Member Functions

template<Automaton A>
std::enable_if_t< labelset_t_of< A >::is_free(), bool > is_deterministic_ (const A &a)
template<Automaton A>
std::enable_if_t<!labelset_t_of< A >::is_free(), bool > is_deterministic_ (const A &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >
using state_t = state_t_of< automaton_t >
- Protected Types inherited from vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >
using automaton_t = Aut
using context_t = context_t_of< automaton_t >
using label_t = label_t_of< automaton_t >
using transition_t = transition_t_of< automaton_t >
using weightset_t = weightset_t_of< automaton_t >
using weight_t = weight_t_of< automaton_t >
using polynomialset_t = polynomialset< context_t >
using polynomial_t = typename polynomialset_t::value_t
using states_t = std::vector< state_t >
 A list of states. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >
virtual std::string label_ (const label_t &l) const
 Convert a label to its representation. More...
virtual void print_transition_ (transition_t t) const
 Output the transition t. More...
void print_state_ (const state_t s)
 Output transitions, sorted lexicographically on (Label, Dest). More...
void print_transitions_ ()
 Output transitions, sorted lexicographically. More...
void list_states_ (const states_t &ss)
 List names of states in ss, preceded by ' '. More...
states_t initials_ ()
 The list of initial states, sorted. More...
states_t finals_ ()
 The list of final states, sorted. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >
automaton_t aut_
 The automaton we have to output. More...
std::ostream & os_
 Output stream. More...
const labelset_t_of< automaton_t > & ls_ = *aut_->labelset()
 Short-hand to the labelset. More...
const weightset_tws_ = *aut_->weightset()
 Short-hand to the weightset. More...
const polynomialset_t ps_ {aut_->context()}
 Short-hand to the polynomialset used to print the entries. More...

Detailed Description

template<Automaton Aut>
class vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >

Format an automaton into Fado.

Template Parameters
Autan automaton type, not a pointer type.

Definition at line 149 of file grail.hh.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<Automaton Aut>
using vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::super_t = printer<Aut>

Definition at line 156 of file grail.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<Automaton Aut>
template<Automaton A>
std::enable_if_t<labelset_t_of<A>::is_free(), bool> vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::is_deterministic_ ( const A &  a)

Definition at line 187 of file grail.hh.

References vcsn::is_deterministic().

Referenced by vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::operator()().

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template<Automaton Aut>
template<Automaton A>
std::enable_if_t<!labelset_t_of<A>::is_free(), bool> vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::is_deterministic_ ( const A &  )

Definition at line 194 of file grail.hh.

template<Automaton Aut>
void vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::operator() ( )

Actually output aut_ on os_.

Definition at line 171 of file grail.hh.

References vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >::finals_(), vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >::initials_(), vcsn::detail::fadoer< Aut >::is_deterministic_(), vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >::list_states_(), and vcsn::detail::printer< Aut >::print_transitions_().

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