SeriesBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for SeriesBase, including all inherited members.

can_choose_non_starable(SELECTOR(T)) const SemiringBase
choose(SELECTOR(T)) const Structure< Self >
choose_non_starable(SELECTOR(T)) const SemiringBase
choose_starable(SELECTOR(T)) const SemiringBase
contains(const Element< Self, T > &elt) const Structure< Self >
contains(const Element< OtherS, T > &other) const Structure< Self >
contains(const T &elt_value) const Structure< Self >
identity(SELECTOR(T)) const MonoidBase
monoid() const SeriesBase
monoid_t typedefSeriesBase
MonoidBase()MonoidBase [protected]
MonoidBase(const MonoidBase &other)MonoidBase [protected]
self()Structure< Self >
self() const Structure< Self >
self_t typedefStructure< Self >
SemigroupBase()SemigroupBase [protected]
SemigroupBase(const SemigroupBase &other)SemigroupBase [protected]
semiring() const SeriesBase
semiring_t typedefSeriesBase
SemiringBase()SemiringBase [protected]
SemiringBase(const SemiringBase &other)SemiringBase [protected]
SeriesBase()SeriesBase [protected]
SeriesBase(const SeriesBase &other)SeriesBase [protected]
Structure()Structure< Self > [protected]
Structure(const Structure &other)Structure< Self > [protected]
unifiable()unifiable [inline]
unifiable(const unifiable &)unifiable [inline]
zero(SELECTOR(T)) const MonoidBase

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