Vaucanson File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
accessible.hh [code]Algorithms for accessible/coaccessible states computation
accessible.hxx [code]
aci_canonical.hh [code]Declaration for the canonical() algorithm
aci_canonical.hxx [code]
algebra.hh [code]Workaround to give Doxygen documentation about the algebra namespace
alphabets.hh [code]
alphabets_base.hh [code]Definition of the alphabet concept
alphabets_base.hxx [code]
aut_to_exp.hh [code]This file provides converter from automaton to expression
aut_to_exp.hxx [code]
automata.hh [code]
automata.hxx [code]
automata_base.hh [code]
automata_base.hxx [code]
automata_kind.hh [code]
automata_ops.hh [code]This file holds the default operations for the elements of the automata set
automata_ops.hxx [code]
automaton.thh [code]
automaton_functions.thh [code]
automaton_functions.thxx [code]
automaton_tools.hh [code]
automaton_view.hh [code]
automaton_view.hxx [code]
backward_realtime.hh [code]Algorithms to make an automaton realtime
backward_realtime.hxx [code]
bencher.hh [code]
bencher.hxx [code]
berry_sethi.hh [code]Contains the declaration for the Berry-Sethi algorithm
berry_sethi.hxx [code]
bitset.hh [code]Bitset class declaration
bitset.hxx [code]Bitset class implementaion
boolean_automaton.hh [code]
boolean_semiring.thh [code]
boolean_transducer.hh [code]
brzozowski.hh [code]Contains the declaration for the Brzozowski algorithm
brzozowski.hxx [code]
build_pattern.hh [code]
build_pattern.hxx [code]
char_letter.hh [code]
char_letter.thh [code]
char_traits.hh [code]Generic char_traits declarations
char_traits.hxx [code]
closure.hh [code]This files declares the backward and forward closure algorithm
closure.hxx [code]
complement.hh [code]Complementation algorithm for Boolean automata
complement.hxx [code]
complete.hh [code]Completion algorithm for deterministic and Boolean automaton
complete.hxx [code]
concatenate.hh [code]This file provides the general concatenation algorithm
concatenate.hxx [code]
constraints.hh [code]
container_ops.hh [code]
container_ops.hxx [code]
contract.hh [code]Definition of contract macros
copy.hh [code]
copy.hxx [code]
couple_letter.hh [code]
couple_letter.hxx [code]
cut_up.hh [code]Cut-up algorithm
cut_up.hxx [code]Cut-up algorithm
decorated_alphabet.hh [code]
decorated_alphabet.hxx [code]
default_ops.hh [code]Default implementations for standard Element operations
default_ops.hxx [code]
deferrer.hh [code]Declarations for the Deferrer class
deferrer.hxx [code]Definitions for the Deferrer class
delta_kind.hh [code]
depth_visitor.hh [code]
depth_visitor.hxx [code]
derived_term_automaton.hh [code]Provides a converter from expression to automaton based on derivatives
derived_term_automaton.hxx [code]
design_pattern.hh [code]
determinize.hh [code]Boolean automata determinization
determinize.hxx [code]
dispatch_visitor.hh [code]
dispatch_visitor.hxx [code]
dot_display.hh [code]Call out_display with dot_dump as the function to launch by out_display
dot_display.hxx [code]Calls out_display with dot_dump as the function to launch by out_display
dot_dump.hh [code]
dot_dump.hxx [code]
dot_format.hh [code]
dot_format.hxx [code]
dump_visitor.hh [code]
dump_visitor.hxx [code]
dynamic_alphabet.thh [code]
element.hh [code]Declaration of Element
element.hxx [code]
element_op_traits.hh [code]Declaration of default arithmetical operator traits for Element
element_ops.hh [code]Declarations of standard external operator delegations for Element
element_ops.hxx [code]
error_handler.hh [code]
error_handler.hxx [code]
escaper.hh [code]Declarations of the escaper class and related functions
escaper.hxx [code]Definitions of the escaper class and related functions
eval.hh [code]This file provides the evaluation of a word w.r.t an automaton
eval.hxx [code]
evaluation.hh [code]Undocumented stuff
evaluation.hxx [code]
evaluation_fmp.hh [code]Evaluation over normalized and sub-normalized transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
evaluation_fmp.hxx [code]
exp.hh [code]
exp.hxx [code]
extension.hh [code]Declarations for extension()
extension.hxx [code]
factory.hh [code]Factory Method generic implementation
finite_support_conversion.hh [code]Conversion between finite support application types
finite_support_conversion.hxx [code]
fmp_to_realtime.hh [code]This file provides a transformation function that computes the equivalent transducer of a FMP automaton
fmp_to_realtime.hxx [code]
fmp_transducer.hh [code]
fmp_transducer_functions.thh [code]
fmp_transducer_functions.thxx [code]
forward_realtime.hh [code]Algorithms to make an automaton realtime
forward_realtime.hxx [code]
free_monoid.thh [code]
free_monoid_product.thh [code]
freemonoid_base.hh [code]
freemonoid_base.hxx [code]
freemonoid_product.hh [code]
freemonoid_product.hxx [code]
freemonoid_product_base.hh [code]
freemonoid_product_base.hxx [code]
freemonoid_product_pair_str.hh [code]
freemonoid_product_pair_str.hxx [code]
fsm_dump.hh [code]I/O with FSM format
fsm_dump.hxx [code]
functors.hh [code]
functors.hxx [code]
gen_book.hh [code]
gen_book.hxx [code]
gen_random.hh [code]
gen_random.hxx [code]
algebra/implementation/series/generalized.hh [code]
automata/implementation/generalized.hh [code]
algebra/implementation/series/generalized.hxx [code]
automata/implementation/generalized.hxx [code]
generic_automaton_impl.thh [code]
generic_series.thh [code]
geometry.hh [code]
geometry.hxx [code]
graph.hh [code]
graph.hxx [code]
handlers.hh [code]
handlers.hxx [code]
history.hh [code]
history.hxx [code]
initial_derivation.hh [code]Declaration of the initial derivation visitor, used for smart_derivative_automaton
initial_derivation.hxx [code]
int_letter.hh [code]
int_letter.hxx [code]
io.hh [code]
io.hxx [code]
iomanip.hh [code]Declarations of the iomanip class and related functions
iomanip.hxx [code]Definitions of the iomanip class and related functions
ios.hh [code]
ios.hxx [code]
is_letterized.hh [code]Letter-to-letter feature testing
is_letterized.hxx [code]
is_normalized.hh [code]Test for transducer normalization
is_normalized.hxx [code]
is_realtime.hh [code]Test for realtime transducers
is_realtime.hxx [code]
isomorph.hh [code]
isomorph.hxx [code]
kind_adapter.hh [code]
kind_adapter.hxx [code]
kinds.hh [code]
kinds.hxx [code]
krat.hh [code]
krat.hxx [code]
krat_coefficient.hh [code]
krat_coefficient.hxx [code]
krat_conversion.hh [code]
krat_conversion.hxx [code]
krat_exp_cderivation.hh [code]Declaration for the cderivate() algorithms
krat_exp_cderivation.hxx [code]
krat_exp_constant_term.hh [code]Declaration for the constant_term() algorithm
krat_exp_constant_term.hxx [code]
krat_exp_derivation.hh [code]Declaration for the derivate() algorithms
krat_exp_derivation.hxx [code]
krat_exp_expand.hh [code]
krat_exp_expand.hxx [code]
krat_exp_flatten.hh [code]This file holds the declaration of the flatten() algorithm
krat_exp_flatten.hxx [code]
krat_exp_is_finite_app.hxx [code]
krat_exp_linearize.hh [code]Declarations for the linearize() algorithm
krat_exp_linearize.hxx [code]
krat_exp_parser.hh [code]This file declares the parse() function
krat_exp_parser.hxx [code]
krat_exp_partial_derivation.hh [code]Declarations for the partial_derivate() algorithm
krat_exp_partial_derivation.hxx [code]
krat_exp_pattern.hh [code]
krat_exp_pattern.hxx [code]
krat_exp_realtime.hh [code]Declarations of the realtime() algorithm for rational expressions
krat_exp_realtime.hxx [code]
krat_exp_support.hxx [code]
krat_exp_transpose.hxx [code]
length_visitor.hh [code]
length_visitor.hxx [code]
letter.hh [code]
letter_to_letter_composition.hh [code]Undocumented stuff
letter_to_letter_composition.hxx [code]
limits.hh [code]Wrapper about the numeric limits for Vaucanson
math.hh [code]Wrapper about the math library for Vaucanson
meta_element_root.hh [code]Definition of the specialization of MetaElement for the root Structure
meta_element_root.hxx [code]
minimization_hopcroft.hh [code]This file provides minimization and quotient algorithms
minimization_hopcroft.hxx [code]
minimization_moore.hh [code]This file containes the declaration of minimization_moore()
minimization_moore.hxx [code]
monoid_base.hh [code]
monoid_base.hxx [code]
node.hh [code]
node.hxx [code]Node class for Factory Method, used in xml::xml_converter::save()
nodes.hh [code]
nodes.hxx [code]
normalized.hh [code]Thompson normalization operations
normalized.hxx [code]
normalized_composition.hh [code]Composition for normalized and sub-normalized transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
normalized_composition.hxx [code]Composition for normalized and sub-normalized transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
concept/numerical_semiring.hh [code]
implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hh [code]
concept/numerical_semiring.hxx [code]
implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hxx [code]
out_display.hh [code]Out display method, useful for xml_display (if VCSN_USE_XML) and dot_display
out_display.hxx [code]Out_display method, useful for xml_display and dot_display
outsplitting.hh [code]Outsplitting and insplitting algorithms for normalized and sub-normalized transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
outsplitting.hxx [code]Outsplitting and insplitting algorithms for normalized and sub-normalized transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
partial_rat_exp.hh [code]The PartialExp type. (undocumented)
partial_rat_exp.hxx [code]
partial_rat_exp_constant_term.hh [code]The constant_term of PartialExp. (undocumented)
partial_rat_exp_constant_term.hxx [code]
partial_rat_exp_derivation.hh [code]The derivation of PartialExp. (undocumented)
partial_rat_exp_derivation.hxx [code]
pconf.hh [code]
polynom_series.thh [code]
polynoms.hh [code]
polynoms.hxx [code]
predecls.hh [code]Forward declarations of the design pattern template classes of Vaucanson
alphabets/predefs.hh [code]
free_monoid/predefs.hh [code]
predefs.hh [code]
product.hh [code]Declarations of product()
product.hxx [code]
projection.hh [code]Undocumented stuff
projection.hxx [code]
projections_fmp.hh [code]Domain and Image projection for transducers seen as automata over a free monoid product
projections_fmp.hxx [code]
r_automaton.hh [code]
r_semiring.thh [code]
random.hh [code]Definition of random generators
random.hxx [code]
random_visitor.hh [code]
random_visitor.hxx [code]
range.hh [code]
range.hxx [code]
rational_number.hh [code]RationalNumber class declaration
rational_number.hxx [code]Rational class implementation
ratseries_semiring.thh [code]
realtime.hh [code]General algorithms concerning realtime aspect of automata
realtime.hxx [code]
realtime_composition.hh [code]Undocumented stuff
realtime_composition.hxx [code]
realtime_decl.hh [code]Declaration of the realtime() function
realtime_decl.hxx [code]
realtime_to_fmp.hh [code]This file provides a transformation function that computes the equivalent FMP automaton of a tranducer
realtime_to_fmp.hxx [code]
reverse_visitor.hh [code]
reverse_visitor.hxx [code]
search.hh [code]Rational expression search in text
search.hxx [code]
selectors.hh [code]Definition of type argument macros
semigroup_base.hh [code]
semigroup_base.hxx [code]
semiring_base.hh [code]
semiring_base.hxx [code]
series.hh [code]
series.hxx [code]
series_base.hh [code]
series_base.hxx [code]
session.hh [code]
session.hxx [code]XML session management
set_alphabet.hh [code]
set_alphabet.hxx [code]
simple_dump.hh [code]
simple_dump.hxx [code]
simple_format.hh [code]
simple_format.hxx [code]
skeleton.hh [code]The Skeleton class. (undocumented-internal)
skeleton.hxx [code]
slots.hh [code]Declaration of set attribute slot for Element
slots.hxx [code]
special_char_traits.hh [code]
standard.hh [code]Several algorithms concerning standard automata
standard.hxx [code]
standard_algorithms.hh [code]
standard_of.hh [code]This file provides a converter from expression to standard automaton
standard_of.hxx [code]
star_height_visitor.hh [code]
star_height_visitor.hxx [code]
static.hh [code]Definition of metaprogrammation helpers
str_words.hh [code]
str_words.hxx [code]
strings.hh [code]
strings.hxx [code]
structure.hh [code]Definition of class Structure, the root of all structural element types
structure.hxx [code]
sub_automaton.hh [code]This file provides the extraction of sub automaton
sub_automaton.hxx [code]
sub_normalize.hh [code]Sub-normalization algorithm for FMP transducers
sub_normalize.hxx [code]Sub-normalization algorithm for FMP transducers
sum.hh [code]Summing of automata
sum.hxx [code]
support.hh [code]Stuff to adapt containers
support.hxx [code]
syntactic_decorator.hh [code]Declaration of the very base class of Element
syntactic_decorator.hxx [code]
system.hh [code]System-wide configuration helpers
tags.hh [code]
tags.hxx [code]
thompson.hh [code]The thompson automaton
thompson.hxx [code]
algebra/implementation/free_monoid/tools.hh [code]
xml/tools.hh [code]
algebra/implementation/free_monoid/tools.hxx [code]
xml/tools.hxx [code]
transducer.hh [code]
transducer.hxx [code]
transducer.thh [code]
transducer_base.hh [code]
transducer_base.hxx [code]
transducer_functions.thh [code]
transducer_functions.thxx [code]
transducer_ops.hh [code]
transducer_ops.hxx [code]
translate.hh [code]
translate.hxx [code]
algebra/implementation/series/transpose.hh [code]
algorithms/transpose.hh [code]This file contain the function which transpose an automaton
algebra/implementation/series/transpose.hxx [code]
algorithms/transpose.hxx [code]
transpose_view.hh [code]
transpose_view.hxx [code]
trim.hh [code]Declaration of useful_states() and trim()
trim.hxx [code]
concept/tropical_semiring.hh [code]
implementation/semiring/tropical_semiring.hh [code]
concept/tropical_semiring.hxx [code]
implementation/semiring/tropical_semiring.hxx [code]
unique.hh [code]Declarations for the type canonicalization tools
unique.hxx [code]
usual_escaped_characters.hh [code]Declarations of the usual_escaped_characters() function
usual_escaped_characters.hxx [code]
usual_io.hh [code]
usual_io.hxx [code]
usual_macros.hh [code]
utility.hh [code]
vaucanson.hh [code]
window.hh [code]Window class for regular expression search on streams
window.hxx [code]Window class for regular expression search on streams
words.hh [code]
words.hxx [code]
xerces_parser.hh [code]
xerces_parser.hxx [code]Xerces-C++ parser
XML.hh [code]
XML.hxx [code]XML main file
xml_chooser.hh [code]
xml_chooser.hxx [code]XML specialized class, providing methods to create <label_type> tag and to create labels in the XML document
xml_converter.hh [code]
xml_converter.hxx [code]XML conversion class
xml_display.hh [code]
xml_display.hxx [code]Calls out_display with xml_dump as the function to launch by out_display
xml_dump.hh [code]
xml_dump.hxx [code]Calls a method to display an automaton 'a' in XML format on the stream 'o'
xml_exp_visitor.hh [code]
xml_exp_visitor.hxx [code]
xml_load.hh [code]
xml_load.hxx [code]Calls a method to fill the automaton 'a' by reading on 'i'
z_automaton.hh [code]
z_fmp_transducer.hh [code]
z_max_plus_automaton.hh [code]
z_max_plus_semiring.thh [code]
z_min_plus_automaton.hh [code]
z_min_plus_semiring.thh [code]
z_semiring.thh [code]
z_transducer.hh [code]

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