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Generic char_traits declarations. More...

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namespace  utility


struct  generic_int_type
 Generic and under-efficient int_type implementation for char_traits. More...
struct  char_traits
 Generic char_traits. More...

Detailed Description

Generic char_traits declarations.

This file contains the utility::char_traits declaration. This structure should allow a programmer to specialize std::char_traits for some types with little efforts.

For example, you may write (while in the std namespace):

template <> struct char_traits<foo> : public utility::char_traits<foo> { };

To have a generic specialization of char_traits for foo. You may also use this kind of derivation and redifine a few member functions to have a more effective implementation based on the generic version.

If you are looking for allready written specializations, you should look at vaucanson/misc/special_char_traits.hh.

Thomas Claveirole <>
See also:
utility::char_traits, vaucanson/misc/special_char_traits.hh

Definition in file char_traits.hh.

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