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General algorithms concerning realtime aspect of automata. More...

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namespace  vcsn


enum  vcsn::realtime_type
 Enum to indicate which kind of realtime algorithms must be used.


template<typename A, typename T>
void vcsn::realtime_here (Element< A, T > &a, realtime_type type)
 In place modification of the automaton to make it realtime.
template<typename A, typename T>
Element< A, T > vcsn::realtime (const Element< A, T > &a, realtime_type type)
 Returns a fresh realtime automaton.

Detailed Description

General algorithms concerning realtime aspect of automata.

Algorithms concerning realtime aspect of automata, i.e. presence or absence of epsilon transitions in the automaton.

See also:
is_realtime(), realtime_here(), realtime()

Definition in file realtime.hh.

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