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Algebra constructs for Vaucanson. More...


file  algebra.hh
 Workaround to give Doxygen documentation about the algebra namespace.
file  rational_number.hh
 RationalNumber class declaration.
file  krat_exp_parser.hh
 This file declares the parse() function.


namespace  vcsn::algebra
 Namespace for algebra constructs in Vaucanson.
namespace  vcsn::algebra::krat_exp_lexing
 Misc. declarations used for rational expression lexing.




struct  AlphabetSetBase
 Base class for structural elements of alphabets. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::AlphabetSetBase< S > >
 Specialization of dynamic_traits for AlphabetSetBase. More...
struct  FreeMonoidBase
 Structural element for free monoid. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoidBase< Self > >
struct  FreeMonoidProduct
 Implementation of a monoid which is a product of two free monoids. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoidProduct< F, S > >
 Meta information about FreeMonoidProduct. More...
struct  virtual_types< algebra::FreeMonoidProduct< F, S > >
struct  FreeMonoidProductBase
 Structural element for free monoid product. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoidProductBase< Self > >
struct  MonoidBase
 The base class of all structures that are monoids. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::MonoidBase< Self > >
struct  NumericalSemiring
 The set of semirings implemented with usual operations (+, *). More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::NumericalSemiring >
 Meta information about the NumericalSemiring structural element. More...
struct  mul_kind
 Empty class used as static information to denote the kind of internal operation of a semigroup. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::SemigroupBase< Self > >
struct  SemiringBase
 Base class for all structures that are semirings. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::SemiringBase< Self > >
struct  SeriesBase
 Structural element of series K<A*> from a free monoid A* to a semiring K. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::SeriesBase< Self > >
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::TropicalSemiring< TropicalKind > >
 Meta information about the tropical semirings. More...
struct  TropicalMin
 Static information about the kind of tropical we are confronted with. More...
struct  MetaElement< algebra::TropicalSemiring< TropicalKind >, T >
 Services of element of a tropical semiring. More...
struct  AlphabetSet
 Static implementation of alphabet structural element. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::AlphabetSet< L > >
 Meta information about AlphabetSet. More...
class  AlphabetDecorator
 Decorate a given alphabet implementation with meta-symbols. More...
struct  MetaElement< algebra::AlphabetSet< L >, algebra::AlphabetDecorator< L, T > >
 Services of every alphabet implemented with AlphabetDecorator<L, T>. More...
struct  alphabet_traits< AlphabetSet< L >, std::set< L > >
 Meta information about the mixing of AlphabetSet with std::set. More...
struct  MetaElement< algebra::AlphabetSet< L >, std::set< L > >
 Services of every alphabet implemented with std::set. More...
struct  FreeMonoid
 Implementation of a free monoid which aggregates its alphabet. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoid< A > >
 Meta information about FreeMonoid. More...
struct  virtual_types< algebra::FreeMonoid< A > >
class  RationalNumber
 Rational numbers class. More...


typedef S vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::second_monoid_t
 The type of free monoid B*.
typedef S vcsn::MetaElement< algebra::FreeMonoidProduct< F, S >, T >::second_monoid_t
typedef F vcsn::virtual_types< algebra::FreeMonoidProduct< F, S > >::first_monoid_t
typedef S vcsn::virtual_types< algebra::FreeMonoidProduct< F, S > >::second_monoid_t
typedef A vcsn::virtual_types< algebra::FreeMonoid< A > >::alphabet_t


enum  vcsn::op_choose_max_word_length_t
 Maximum length of words generated by op_choose. More...


 vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::FreeMonoidProduct (const F &a, const S &b)
 Constructor based on two free monoids.
 vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::FreeMonoidProduct (const FreeMonoidProduct &w)
 Copy constructor.
first_monoid_t & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::first_monoid ()
 Monoid's accessor.
const first_monoid_t & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::first_monoid () const
 First monoid's const accessor.
second_monoid_t & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::second_monoid ()
 Second monoid's accessor.
const second_monoid_t & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::second_monoid () const
 Second monoid's const accessor.
 vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoid::FreeMonoid (const A &a)
 Constructor based on an alphabet.
 vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoid::FreeMonoid (const FreeMonoid &w)
 Copy constructor.
A & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoid::alphabet ()
 Alphabet's accessor.
const A & vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoid::alphabet () const
 Alphabet's accessor.


first_monoid_t vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::first_monoid_
second_monoid_t vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidProduct::second_monoid_

Detailed Description

Algebra constructs for Vaucanson.

This group aggregates the documentation of compounds related to algebraic structures of Vaucanson, such as Monoids, Series, or rational expressions (as implementation of series).

See also:

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum op_choose_max_word_length_t

Maximum length of words generated by op_choose.

To retrieve this information, just use the value named with op_choose_max_word_length.

Definition at line 110 of file words.hh.

Function Documentation

FreeMonoidProduct< F, S >::first_monoid_t & first_monoid  )  [inherited]

Monoid's accessor.

FIXME: this interface should not exist (s.e. are const once instantiated)

Reimplemented from FreeMonoidProductBase< FreeMonoidProduct< F, S > >.

Definition at line 44 of file freemonoid_product.hxx.

References FreeMonoidProduct::first_monoid_.

Referenced by vcsn::op_choose(), and vcsn::algebra::operator==().

A & alphabet  )  [inherited]

Alphabet's accessor.

FIXME: this interface should not exist (s.e. are const once instantiated)

Reimplemented from FreeMonoidBase< FreeMonoid< A > >.

Definition at line 41 of file words.hxx.

References FreeMonoid::alph_.

Referenced by vcsn::op_choose(), vcsn::op_xeq(), and vcsn::algebra::operator==().

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