BrzozowskiAlgo Struct Template Reference

This is the class that really computes Brzozowski. More...

Inherits vcsn::algorithm_patterns::IncAutomataConstructor< vcsn::BrzozowskiAlgo< T_auto, Exp >, T_auto, Exp >.

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Public Member Functions

void on_state (const Exp &e)

Detailed Description

template<typename T_auto, typename Exp>
struct vcsn::BrzozowskiAlgo< T_auto, Exp >

This is the class that really computes Brzozowski.

This class should be used only in brzozowski() and should not be instantiated from elsewhere.

This class defines the methods which are missing to IncAutomataConstructor to incrementally build an automaton, i.e. the function which must be applied on each state.

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Definition at line 47 of file brzozowski.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

void on_state ( const Exp &  e  )  [inline]

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Definition at line 60 of file brzozowski.hxx.

References vcsn::canonical(), vcsn::derivate(), and SELECT.

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