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GenericMatcher manages the dispatch of pattern matching. More...

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match (const T &ast)
 Effectively performs the match.

Detailed Description

template<class Self, class T, class U, class F>
struct vcsn::algebra::GenericMatcher< Self, T, U, F >

GenericMatcher manages the dispatch of pattern matching.

GenericMatcher delegates the dispatch of pattern matching to a function-object: if you want to write an algorithm based on pattern matching, inherit from this class.

Definition at line 110 of file krat_exp_pattern.hh.

Member Function Documentation

U match ( const T &  ast  )  [inline]

Effectively performs the match.

ast The object to perform the match on.
See also:

Definition at line 128 of file krat_exp_pattern.hxx.

Referenced by vcsn::constant_term().

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