Collaboration diagram for Freemonoid:


struct  FreeMonoidBase
 Structural element for free monoid. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoidBase< Self > >
struct  MetaElement< algebra::FreeMonoidBase< Self >, T >
 Element of a free monoid i.e. words. More...
struct  FreeMonoid
 Implementation of a free monoid which aggregates its alphabet. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::FreeMonoid< A > >
 Meta information about FreeMonoid. More...
struct  MetaElement< algebra::FreeMonoid< A >, T >
 Services of an element of a free monoid implemented with FreeMonoid. More...


template<typename S, typename T>
Element< S, T > mirror (const Element< S, T > &e)
 Return a fresh word that is the mirror.
template<typename S, typename T>
std::pair< bool, int > parse_word (Element< S, T > &dest, const std::string &s)
 Parse the beginning of the string looking for a word.

Function Documentation

std::pair<bool, int> vcsn::parse_word ( Element< S, T > &  dest,
const std::string &  s 
) [inline]

Parse the beginning of the string looking for a word.

Return a pair indicating whether the source string was fully parsed and how much characters were read.

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