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file  krat_exp_parser.hh
 This file declares the parse() function.


struct  SeriesBase
 Structural element of series K<A*> from a free monoid A* to a semiring K. More...
struct  series_traits
 Meta information about series. More...
struct  dynamic_traits< algebra::SeriesBase< Self > >
class  MetaElement< algebra::SeriesBase< Self >, T >
 Services of every series. More...
interface  semiring_virtual
 Virtual pure class used by bison to deal with vaucanson's templated structures. More...
interface  krat_exp_virtual
 Virtual pure class used by bison to deal with vaucanson's templated structures. More...
struct  krat_exp_proxy
 Proxy over Vaucanson Element. More...
struct  semiring_proxy
 Proxy over Vaucanson Semiring. More...


template<typename S, typename T>
Element< S, T > transpose (const algebra::SeriesBase< S > &s, const T &t)
 returns a fresh series that is the transposed of the argument.
template<typename S, typename T>
bool is_support_in_alphabet (const Element< S, T > &s)
 Returns true if the support of the series is only composed of letters.
template<typename S1, typename S2, typename T1, typename T2>
void extract_support (Element< S1, T1 > &, Element< S2, T2 > &)
 Make the first series be the support of the second.
template<class S, class T>
Element< S, T > hadamard (const Element< S, T > &lhs, const Element< S, T > &rhs)
 Return the hadamard product of lhs and rhs.
template<class S, class T>
std::pair< bool, std::string > parse (const std::string &from, Element< S, T > &exp, bool lex_trace=false, bool parse_trace=false)
 Parse a rational expression.

Function Documentation

std::pair<bool, std::string> vcsn::algebra::parse ( const std::string &  from,
Element< S, T > &  exp,
bool  lex_trace = false,
bool  parse_trace = false 
) [inline]

Parse a rational expression.

This fonction parses any kind of rational expression using the bison generated parser.

The grammar is :

     %start rexp

     rexp ::= OPAR exp CPAR
         |   rexp PLUS rexp
         |   rexp TIMES rexp
         |   rexp rexp
         |   rexp STAR
         |   WEIGHT rexp
         |   rexp WEIGHT
         |   ONE
         |   ZERO
         |   WORD

This function returns a pair which first element is a Boolean indicating whether an error occured or not. The second element is an error message when a parse error have been ecountered.

from The rational expression, as a string.
exp The element to store the result in. Be sure its set is correct before calling parse.
lex_trace Enable lexer trace (for debuging purposes).
parse_trace Enable parser trace (for debuging purposes).
Yann Régis-Gianas <>, Thomas Claveirole <> Vivien Delmon <>

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