Vcsn  2.4
Be Rational
filter.hh File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <boost/range/irange.hpp>
#include <boost/optional.hpp>
#include <vcsn/algos/copy.hh>
#include <vcsn/core/automaton-decorator.hh>
#include <vcsn/core/automaton.hh>
#include <vcsn/dyn/fwd.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/crange.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/dynamic_bitset.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/sparse-set.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/vector.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/static-if.hh>
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class  vcsn::detail::optional_container< Container, Has >
 Enables or not the presence of a container in a class. More...
class  vcsn::detail::optional_container< Container, true >
class  vcsn::detail::filter_automaton_impl< Aut, Trans >
 Hide some states of an automaton. More...




template<Automaton Aut, bool Trans = false>
using vcsn::filter_automaton = std::shared_ptr< detail::filter_automaton_impl< Aut, Trans >>


template<Automaton Aut, bool Trans = false>
filter_automaton< Aut, Trans > vcsn::filter (const Aut &aut, boost::optional< dynamic_bitset > ss={}, boost::optional< dynamic_bitset > ts={})
 Get an automaton who is a part state set ss of aut. More...
template<Automaton Aut>
filter_automaton< Aut > vcsn::filter (const Aut &aut, const std::unordered_set< state_t_of< Aut >> &ss)
template<Automaton Aut, typename Unsigneds >
automaton vcsn::dyn::detail::filter (const automaton &aut, const std::vector< unsigned > &states)
 Bridge. More...