Vcsn  2.4
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fwd.hh File Reference
#include <vcsn/misc/wet.hh>
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class  vcsn::detail::polynomialset_impl< Context, Kind >
 Linear combination of labels: map labels to weights. More...
struct  vcsn::weightset_mixin< WeightSet >
 Provide a variadic mul on top of a binary mul(), and one(). More...




using vcsn::b = weightset_mixin< detail::b_impl >
using vcsn::f2 = weightset_mixin< detail::f2_impl >
using vcsn::log = weightset_mixin< detail::log_impl >
using vcsn::nmin = weightset_mixin< detail::nmin_impl >
using vcsn::q = weightset_mixin< detail::q_impl >
using vcsn::qmp = weightset_mixin< detail::qmp_impl >
using vcsn::r = weightset_mixin< detail::r_impl >
using vcsn::rmin = weightset_mixin< detail::rmin_impl >
using vcsn::z = weightset_mixin< detail::z_impl >
using vcsn::zmin = weightset_mixin< detail::zmin_impl >
template<typename Context , wet_kind_t Kind = detail::wet_kind<labelset_t_of<Context>, weightset_t_of<Context>>()>
using vcsn::polynomialset = weightset_mixin< detail::polynomialset_impl< Context, Kind >>