Vcsn  2.4
Be Rational
inductive.hh File Reference
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class  vcsn::rat::inductive_visitor< Aut, ExpSet, Tag >
 Build an automaton by induction from an expression. More...
struct  vcsn::rat::inductive_visitor< Aut, ExpSet, Tag >::visit_tuple< bool, Dummy >
struct  vcsn::rat::inductive_visitor< Aut, ExpSet, Tag >::visit_tuple< false, Dummy >




template<Automaton Aut, typename ExpSet , typename Tag >
Aut vcsn::inductive (const ExpSet &rs, const typename ExpSet::value_t &r, Tag={})
 Build a inductive automaton from an expression. More...
template<typename ExpSet , typename Tag >
automaton vcsn::dyn::detail::inductive_tag_ (const ExpSet &rs, const typename ExpSet::value_t &r)
 Helper function to facilitate dispatch below. More...
template<typename ExpSet , typename String >
automaton vcsn::dyn::detail::inductive (const expression &exp, const std::string &algo)
 Bridge. More...