Vcsn  2.4
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minimize-brzozowski.hh File Reference
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struct  vcsn::brzozowski_tag
 Request for Brzozowski implementation of minimize (B and free). More...




template<Automaton Aut>
using vcsn::codeterminized_automaton = transpose_automaton< determinized_automaton< decltype(transpose(std::declval< Aut >())), wet_kind_t::bitset >>
 The type of the codeterminized automaton. More...


template<Automaton Aut>
auto vcsn::minimize (const Aut &a, brzozowski_tag) -> std::enable_if_t< is_free_boolean< Aut >(), determinized_automaton< codeterminized_automaton< Aut >, wet_kind_t::bitset >>
 Brzozowski-based minimization. More...
template<Automaton Aut>
ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN std::enable_if_t<!is_free_boolean< Aut >), Aut > vcsn::dyn::detail::minimize (const Aut &, brzozowski_tag)
 Handling of errors for dyn::minimize. More...