Vcsn  2.4
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tuple-automaton.hh File Reference
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class  vcsn::detail::tuple_automata_impl< Aut, Auts >
 Build the (accessible part of the) Cartesian product of automata. More...




template<Automaton... Auts>
auto vcsn::detail::tuple (const Auts &
 Build the (accessible part of the) tuple. More...
template<typename Auts , size_t... I>
automaton vcsn::dyn::detail::tuple_ (const std::vector< automaton > &as, vcsn::detail::index_sequence< I... >)
 Bridge helper. More...
template<typename Auts >
automaton vcsn::dyn::detail::tuple (const std::vector< automaton > &as)
 Bridge. More...