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expressionset.hh File Reference
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class  vcsn::rat::expressionset_impl< Context >
 A typed expression set. More...
struct  vcsn::rat::expressionset_impl< Context >::as_tupleset_impl< Sequence >
struct  vcsn::rat::expressionset_impl< Context >::as_tupleset_impl< detail::index_sequence< I... > >
struct  vcsn::rat::expressionset_impl< Context >::tuple_of_label< Dummy >
 Turn a tuple of expressions that are labels into a multi-tape label. More...
struct  vcsn::detail::nullableset_traits< expressionset< Ctx > >
 Conversion to a nullableset: identity. More...
struct  vcsn::detail::law_traits< expressionset< Ctx > >
 Conversion to a wordset: identity. More...
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< expressionset< Ctx1 >, expressionset< Ctx2 > >
 The join of two expressionsets. More...
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< letterset< GenSet1 >, expressionset< Ctx2 > >
 Join of a letterset and an expressionset. More...
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< b, expressionset< Context > >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl_simple< W1, W2 >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl_simple< WeightSet, expressionset< Context > >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< z, expressionset< Context > >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< q, expressionset< Context > >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< r, expressionset< Context > >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< zmin, expressionset< Context > >




#define DEFINE(Type)    using Type ## _t = vcsn::rat::Type<context_t>
 Type of expressions. More...


template<typename LabelSet , typename WeightSet >
auto vcsn::make_expressionset (const context< LabelSet, WeightSet > &ctx, rat::identities ids={}) -> expressionset< context< LabelSet, WeightSet >>
 Shorthand to expressionset constructor. More...
template<typename Context >
auto vcsn::make_expressionset (const expressionset< Context > &rs, rat::identities ids={}) -> expressionset< Context >
 Shorthand to expressionset constructor. More...
template<typename Ctx1 , typename Ctx2 >
auto vcsn::meet (const expressionset< Ctx1 > &a, const expressionset< Ctx2 > &b) -> expressionset< meet_t< Ctx1, Ctx2 >>
 The meet of two expressionsets. More...
template<typename Context , typename RandomGenerator = std::default_random_engine>
expressionset< Context >::value_t vcsn::random_label (const expressionset< Context > &rs, RandomGenerator &gen=RandomGenerator())
 Random label from expressionset: limited to a single label. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEFINE (   Type)    using Type ## _t = vcsn::rat::Type<context_t>

Type of expressions.

Definition at line 65 of file expressionset.hh.

#define JOIN_IMPL_SIMPLE (   WS)
template <typename Context> \
struct join_impl<WS, expressionset<Context>> \
: public join_impl_simple<WS, expressionset<Context>> \

Definition at line 580 of file expressionset.hh.