Vcsn  2.4
Be Rational
context.hh File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vcsn/core/join.hh>
#include <vcsn/core/kind.hh>
#include <vcsn/core/rat/fwd.hh>
#include <vcsn/ctx/fwd.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/format.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/stream.hh>
#include <vcsn/misc/symbol.hh>
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class  vcsn::context< LabelSet, WeightSet >
struct  vcsn::detail::join_impl< context< LS1, WS1 >, context< LS2, WS2 > >
 The join of two contexts. More...




template<typename... ValueSets>
using vcsn::meet_t = decltype(meet(std::declval< ValueSets >()...))


template<typename LabelSet , typename WeightSet >
context< LabelSet, WeightSetvcsn::make_context (const LabelSet &ls, const WeightSet &ws)
 Shorthand to build a context. More...
template<typename ValueSet >
auto vcsn::meet (const ValueSet &vs) -> ValueSet
 The meet of a single valueset. More...
template<typename ValueSet1 , typename ValueSet2 , typename ValueSet3 , typename... VSs>
auto vcsn::meet (const ValueSet1 &vs1, const ValueSet2 &vs2, const ValueSet3 &vs3, const VSs &...vs) -> decltype(meet(meet(vs1, vs2), vs3, vs...))
template<typename LhsLabelSet , typename LhsWeightSet , typename RhsLabelSet , typename RhsWeightSet >
auto vcsn::meet (const context< LhsLabelSet, LhsWeightSet > &a, const context< RhsLabelSet, RhsWeightSet > &b) -> context< meet_t< LhsLabelSet, RhsLabelSet >, join_t< LhsWeightSet, RhsWeightSet >>
 The meet of two contexts. More...