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B.1 Concepts

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:net.didierverna.focus.flv, feature: Current Format Table
:net.didierverna.focus.flv, feature: Compile or Run Time
:net.didierverna.focus.flv, feature: Optional Features
:restricted, configuration option: Configuration
:swank-eval-in-emacs, configuration option: Configuration

Casing, directive: Creating Format Tables
Casing, directive: Casing
Configuration: Configuration
Configuration Option, :restricted: Configuration
Configuration Option, :swank-eval-in-emacs: Configuration
Current Format Table: Explanation
Current Format Table: Referring to Format Tables
Current Format Table: Current Format Table
Current Format Table: Modifying Format Tables
Current Format Table: Compile or Run Time
Current Format Table: Optional Features
Custom Formatter: Custom Formatters

Delimiting Directive: Standard Directives
Designator, format table: Referring to Format Tables
Designator, format table: Current Format Table
Designator, format table: Current Format Table
Designator, format table: Modifying Format Tables
Designator, function: Custom Formatters
Directive Casing: Creating Format Tables
Directive Casing: Casing
Directive, delimiting: Standard Directives
Directive, grouping: Standard Directives
Directive, simple: Standard Directives
Directive, standard: Standard Directives

Extension, flv: Current Format Table
Extension, flv: Compile or Run Time

Feature, :net.didierverna.focus.flv: Current Format Table
Feature, :net.didierverna.focus.flv: Compile or Run Time
Feature, :net.didierverna.focus.flv: Optional Features
File-Local Variable: Optional Features
flv, extension: Current Format Table
flv, extension: Compile or Run Time
Format Table: Explanation
Format Table: Creating Format Tables
Format Table Designator: Referring to Format Tables
Format Table Designator: Current Format Table
Format Table Designator: Current Format Table
Format Table Designator: Modifying Format Tables
Format Table Registration: Referring to Format Tables
Format Table Registration: Table Registration
Format Table, current: Explanation
Format Table, current: Referring to Format Tables
Format Table, current: Current Format Table
Format Table, current: Modifying Format Tables
Format Table, current: Compile or Run Time
Format Table, current: Optional Features
Formatter, custom: Custom Formatters
Function Designator: Custom Formatters

Grouping Directive: Standard Directives

Package, nicknames: Explanation
Package, nicknames: Usage

Registration, format table: Referring to Format Tables
Registration, format table: Table Registration
Restricted Mode: Configuration

Simple Directive: Standard Directives
Standard Directive: Standard Directives

Variable, file-local: Optional Features

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