FreeMonoidBase Struct Template Reference

Structural element for free monoid. More...

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Public Types

typedef virtual_types< Self
 The type of the alphabet A.
typedef alphabet_t::letter_t letter_t
 The type of letter hold by the alphabet.
typedef Self self_t
 Exact type of the most derived type in the hierarchy.

Public Member Functions

alphabet_talphabet ()
 Alphabet's accessor.
const alphabet_talphabet () const
 Alphabet's const accessor.
template<typename T>
Element< Self, T > identity (SELECTOR(T)) const
 Returns the identity of the monoid (if mul_kind).
template<typename T>
Element< Self, T > zero (SELECTOR(T)) const
 Returns the zero of the monoid (if add_kind).
bool contains (const Element< Self, T > &elt) const
 Check if a given element is compatible with the structural element.
bool contains (const Element< OtherS, T > &other) const
 Specialization of contains that always returns false.
bool contains (const T &elt_value) const
 Check if an anonymous value is compatible with a structural element.
Element< Self, T > choose (SELECTOR(T)) const
 Choose randomly an element in the structure.
self_tself ()
 Accessor to the real type.

Protected Member Functions

 FreeMonoidBase ()
 Default constructor accessor.
 FreeMonoidBase (const FreeMonoidBase &m)
 Copy constructor accessor.

Detailed Description

template<class Self>
struct vcsn::algebra::FreeMonoidBase< Self >

Structural element for free monoid.

FreeMonoidBase is the mother class of free monoids. A free monoid A* is a monoid generated by an alphabet A and which provides a way of iterating through letters of words.

Definition at line 45 of file freemonoid_base.hh.

Member Function Documentation

bool contains const Element< OtherS, T > &  other  )  const [inherited]

Specialization of contains that always returns false.

Indeed, elements structured by a particular type are always incompatible with structural elements of another type.

self_t& self  )  [inherited]

Accessor to the real type.

To be used by implementations in this class and derived structures to obtain a reference to the structural element with its most derived type.

Referenced by vcsn::op_contains(), vcsn::op_convert(), vcsn::op_in_mirror(), vcsn::op_letter_delta(), vcsn::op_letter_deltac(), vcsn::op_letter_rdelta(), vcsn::op_rdelta(), vcsn::op_rout(), vcsn::op_spontaneous_delta(), and vcsn::op_spontaneous_rdelta().

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