IncAutomataConstructor Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef T_auto * T_auto_p
typedef std::pair< hstate_t,
bool > 
typedef std::map< Etiq, StateMarked,
Comparator< Self, Etiq > > 
typedef StateMap::iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

void run ()
T_auto_p get () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool compare (const Etiq &e1, const Etiq &e2)

Protected Member Functions

 IncAutomataConstructor (const series_set_t &series, const Etiq &etiq)
 IncAutomataConstructor (const series_set_t &series, const std::list< Etiq > &listexp)
void link_to (const Etiq &etiq, const letter_t &l)
void link_to (const Etiq &etiq, const series_set_elt_t &el)
void set_final ()
void set_final (const series_set_elt_t &el)

Detailed Description

template<typename Self, typename T_auto, typename Etiq>
class vcsn::algorithm_patterns::IncAutomataConstructor< Self, T_auto, Etiq >

Definition at line 49 of file build_pattern.hh.

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