KRatExpAciCanonical Struct Template Reference

Visitor to build a canonical form of an expression, following aci-rules. More...

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Public Types

typedef Element< Series, T > exp_t
typedef std::set< exp_tset_t
typedef std::set< exp_treturn_type
typedef set_t::iterator iterator_t
typedef KRatExpAciCanonical<
Series, T, Dispatch > 
typedef Element< Series, T
typedef semiring_elt_t::value_t semiring_elt_value_t
typedef Element< Series, T
typedef monoid_elt_t::set_t monoid_t
typedef monoid_t::alphabet_t alphabet_t
typedef alphabet_t::letter_t letter_t
typedef T::monoid_elt_value_t monoid_elt_value_t

Public Member Functions

 KRatExpAciCanonical (const Element< Series, T > &exp)
exp_t set2exp (set_t expset)
 MATCH__ (Product, lhs, rhs)
END MATCH__ (Sum, lhs, rhs)
END MATCH_ (Star, e)
END MATCH__ (LeftWeight, w, e)
END MATCH__ (RightWeight, e, w)
END MATCH_ (Constant, m)
std::set< Element< Series,
T > > 
match (const T &ast)
 Effectively performs the match.

Detailed Description

template<class Series, class T, class Dispatch>
struct vcsn::KRatExpAciCanonical< Series, T, Dispatch >

Visitor to build a canonical form of an expression, following aci-rules.

See also:
FIXME: The algorithm is correct, but the implementation may not be efficient!

Definition at line 39 of file aci_canonical.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

std::set< Element< Series, T > > match const T &  ast  )  [inherited]

Effectively performs the match.

ast The object to perform the match on.
See also:

Referenced by vcsn::do_canonical().

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